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I really am enjoying the game but it seems that since I bought the What Goes Up Must Come Down - Classic Edition I
lose the 2 best characters and a curse and other goodies. Is it worth spending double, $120 vs $60, to get the kickstarter version from eBay

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Hello and welcome on this forum. :-)
I'm not sure why you post here. Do you have any question ?
You don't lose anything with the Classic Edition because it's a complete game, with many hours of fun. The KS items are a legitimate bonus for players who spent money with a long delay in shipping and some risks.

If you enjoy The 7th Continent, thing about a late pledge of The 7th Citadel !
The KS campain is finished but you can access all the items at present. 8-)
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I just saw that about an hour before I posted this question and immediately purchased so that the same thing doesn't happen with that. Appreciate that you pointed out that to me.

As to why post here... There isn't anywhere else that I could find to ask
Personally, I think you don’t need to overpay for KS versions. I have gone the Classic route, and I will never get bored with this game! As far as I can tell, there is only one Curse from the KS that would be worth getting and that is Swamps of Madness, but it is always very expensive on the markets. I scratched that itch by watching Rob’s Gaming Table do a playthrough! Don’t worry about what you might be missing - “what you’ve never had, you’ll never miss”!
Forums/ The 7th Continent/ General4 posts