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Hello all,

I bought the starter pack version of the 7th Continent, which contains the "Crystal Song", "Voracious Goddess", "Offering to the Guardians" and "Bloody Hunt" curses. After playing and exploring for many, many...many hours (thanks covid..!) there are a few "secrets" I haven't managed to discover and I am wondering if I can only find them out in curses I don't own yet, or if there are more other things to discover in the starter pack. So here's a list of questions about cards that basically all boil down to "Do I need another curse to explore this?"

  1. For example,
    I read somewhere that a purple banner always corresponds to a curse symbol, so I though that to make use of symbols like the spider, snowflake (e.g. card 345), bell (e.g. card 269), semicircle (e.g card 383), spiral (e.g. card 273) and stone (e.g. card 235), I needed other curses I don't own yet.

    However, I found
    card 229 (A secret Place) and the Ophidian stone (card 286) which have purple banners with the spiral and stone symbols and I used them to achieve the "end of the world" ending... This now makes me doubt about whether I can also find other purple banner items/cards with the spider/snowflake/bell/semicircle symbols.
    Can you please clarify if these symbols correspond to curses from other expansions or if I can already do something with them?
    Also, is there anything else I can do with the ophidian stone to get a more positive ending?

  2. Similarly, what about some blue symbols that appear on item cards? For example
    the knife symbol (card 073 - Bone Knife) and the snake symbol (card 061 - Minor Relic)?
    Can I use them with the Starter Pack curses, because I haven't managed to found a use for them.

  3. Another question is
    whether I can achieve the Incarnation of Akecha rank with the Starter Pack curses. I have managed to gain 300 points, but I can't find another monster to push me over the 350-points rank.

  4. Something else that confuses me is cards 438 and 447. What is the point of them?
    All three of them have the same results and don't lead to any fascinating discoveries. So I don't get why have the 438 + (blood symbol) option if there is nothing to new to uncover.
    Am I missing something here? Will it make sense in another curse I do not own or is the continent messing with me?

  5. Similarly, I saw that
    there is a gold 409 card. If the Guardians curse/your adventure ends by drawing the green 409 card... in what occasion will I be able to draw the gold 409? I need another curse I do not own in order to do this?

  6. Finally, what is the "all seeing eye" card? It is mentioned that it is part of the "white expansion" but I'm not sure what is that, since the shop doesn't have a "white expansion"! Is this card part of the Starter Pack version?

Sorry for the long post, I have been playing for quite some time and have been gathering all these questions! By the way, if you made it this far, do you think are there some very well-hidden secrets on the Starter Pack curses I probably haven't found yet (no big spoilers please, just some gentle nudges!)? And from your experience, what do you think is the best expansion I should get next? I would like a bigger challenge but also something that adds replayability to the curses I already have.

Thank you!
Since nobody answered this, in case you are still wondering:

The Ophidian Stone quest is an exception to purple banners always being curse-specific

There's no more positive ending for the stone in the unexpanded game at least. If there's one in expansions I haven't found it but I still think it's very possible.

Spider, Bell, and Snowflake, and semicircle all belong to curses you don't have.

(Spider is Forgotten Sanctuary, Bell is Swamp of Madness, Snowflake is Icy maze, and Semicircle is Dark Chest of the Damned, from the kickstarter edition of the base game.

I know of no use for either of those banners in the unexpanded game.

. I'm not sure, but there's some pretty well-hidden trophy monsters, so I wouldn't give up yet.

This is just an unusually deep red herring. The point is to make you think there's something important there.

I believe the gold endings are used by the Immortal mode from What Goes Up Must Come Down. I think one of the expansions for classic has this mode too.

6. The White Expansion is What Goes Up Must Come Down. The all-seeing eye is a card from that expansion with an augmented reality gimmick where you have to look at the table through an app on your phone. It's a cool idea but I think it's hard to even get the app anymore... They might have resolved this since I last checked. Anyway you're not missing much there.
Akecha rank, I know it's possible because I've done it myself, but I'm not sure where you might find the monsters to carry you there - there are also some scattered throughout the expansions.
With your issue with the Knife symbol and snake symbol, they are both used in the expanded game (icy maze and veins of the Earth) for uses so spoilerey that I won't even tell you.
Hang on, the
snake symbol
has a use in the VII fog (don't do it, it's a useless card
636, keyword - ambush
gives you nothing
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