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does this card effect every test of that type, or just the one it’s attached to?
Could you describe this card ?
- Name of the card ?
- Temporary event (hourglass symbol), Permanent event (4 brown arrows), Skill :icon_hand_blue:, Bonus :icon_hand_green:, etc ?
- Condition to apply the effect : :action_condition: ?
:resource_fire: Firebird :resource_fire: (ma ludothèque)
[DV :icon_curse::icon_curse::icon_succes:] [OG :icon_curse::icon_curse::icon_curse:*:icon_succes:] [LG :icon_succes:] [CD+SI :icon_curse::icon_curse:] [SI :icon_curse:] [CD :icon_curse::icon_success-left: :icon_success-right:**] [SI+TS en cours]
*[Histoire-T7C :icon_succes_7:] **[Pénitence :icon_curse:+Funéraille:icon_success-left:]
Has this been solved yet? I feel like every move action would kill us in only a couple turns so I've been playing it as only moving from that space
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I don't have the card in front of me, but I suspect that it is a Permanent Event. (Edit: Yep, it is.)

Effects present on Permanent Events only apply to the Terrain card(s) they are attached to, and nowhere else. If there is a permanent event with an effect (good or bad) on a particular action type, it only effects actions that are taken on a Terrain card that the Permanent Event points to.
Forums/ The 7th Continent/ Card effect7 posts