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I know that if I don't want to play the curse from Icy Maze, Swamp of Madness or The Forbidden Sanctuary I can still put the other cards in and just not use that curse.

I also know that if I put the cards from Fear the Devourers or Face the Elements in I will have to deal with them. There is no way to ignore them if they are in play.

But which is The Path of Repentance? The slip of paper in the box says something like "if you choose to play with this expansion put the pocket watch card under the journal." But does that mean that if I don't I can just shuffle the other cards into the deck and play them as normal?
Path of Repentance adds exploration cards and an 050 card, but you likely won't notice a big change. The bulk of Path of Repentance deals only with the Pocket Watch, which you can choose to use or not at the beginning of the game.

This works the same as the 3 curse expansions-They add exploration cards, 050 cards, a few alternate terrain cards (that correlate with the 050 cards among other things), but these changes aren't really noticeable in the game. If you select those curses, you then deal with the bulk of the expansion that is a big change from the game.

Conclusion: you are ok to put the path of repentance into the game from the get go.
Cool. That's what I thought but if I have this fancy forum at my fingertips I feel like I should get some use out of it!
Hi! I would like to not spoil the areas or items that are specific to certain curse/expansion. I have several specific questions on this matter.

1. Can I add the exploration cards to base game without spoiling them (but not the related curse and Exploration cards)?
3. Do I break the game in any way if I have included adventure cards to from expansions but not anything else?
3. Should i remove all the expansion's adventure cards that duplicate some number of adventure card already in the base game if i don't want to use or spoil the expansion's curse quest?
4. Are nr. 050 cards also drawn randomly or are we instructed to get a specific card from there? (related to previous question)
5. Are there any generic exploration cards or adventure cards in the expansions that just add replayability but are not related to that specific curse or feature (weather, worms and pocket watch)? I would like to add those right away or be able to remove these features without searching through the adventure deck for those cards.

Thank you in advance!
1 & 2. You won't spoil the expansion curses or items that are "specific to the curse" unless you're playing that curse so go ahead. But you can't add just some of the cards and expect the game not to break. You have to add all of the expansion at once.
3. No. Just don't play with the expansion's curse.
4. They're drawn randomly.
5. There are plenty, but you won't be able to separate them beforehand. If you want to add the cards that enhance replayability, without playing with added features, simply ignore the fog cards that instruct you to put Devourer/Weather figures into play. That way, the bulk of the expansion will not get used and you'll simply have a bit more variability with the other cards.
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Thank you for a quick reply! :)

1) To clarify Questions/answers 3 &4:
Some expansions add duplicate cards, also 050 cards. Does this mean that these cards are not curse specific and do not spoil anything if I draw them randomly?
2) To sum up, If I add any cards from expansion, I should add all of them (both adventure AND exploration cards) in order not to break the game. OR I should remove both of them to keep the game intact. Is that correct? (*Right now I've only added the adventure cards.)
3) What is your recommended way of adding expansions when starting with the game?

Thank you again!
Too the best of my knowledge:

1) You should be fine. Because they are random events they just add replay-ability.

2) Yes. Its all in or all out.

3) Personally I have added in the 3 extra curses, Repentance, and the weather. I want to solve each or the curses by themselves first then I plan on doing one of the ones SP has said are good to do together (in the FAQ) with Repentance then with the Devourers. (Should keep me busy for a while :D' the next Kickstarter might even be fulfilled by then. And if not I'll do it all again on hard-core setting :devil:)
1. These cards are not curse specific and do not spoil anything. The 050 cards will become very familiar to you early in the game, having more of them in the expansions simply offers more variability as in subsequent games you're more likely to find different ones from the one you already saw and you never know what you'll get when you draw a 050 card.
2. That's what I think, yes
3. The way I did it was to simply mix everything in the base box, I didn't want to deal with more moving pieces during the first game so I ignored the Devourers and Weather when they came up in random event cards. It worked well because I only saw 10-15 cards from the expansions in the whole game, and those were all alternates of stuff in the base box (i.e. advanced skill cards, a couple new items, alternate terrain cards...)
I'm not sure I'd call it the recommended way, but I don't feel like I got spoiled anything from the other curses, so a similar method might work well for you too.
Thanks again for quick answers! :)
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