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This cleared things up.
Thanks again for quick answers! :)
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Thank you for a quick reply! :)

1) To clarify Questions/answers 3 &4:
Some expansions add duplicate cards, also 050 cards. Does this mean that these cards are not curse specific and do not spoil anything if I draw them randomly?
2) To sum up, If I add any cards from expansion, I should add all of them (both adventure AND exploration cards) in order not to break the game. OR I should remove both of them to keep the game intact. Is that correct? (*Right now I've only added the adventure cards.)
3) What is your recommended way of adding expansions when starting with the game?

Thank you again!
Hi! I would like to not spoil the areas or items that are specific to certain curse/expansion. I have several specific questions on this matter.

1. Can I add the exploration cards to base game without spoiling them (but not the related curse and Exploration cards)?
3. Do I break the game in any way if I have included adventure cards to from expansions but not anything else?
3. Should i remove all the expansion's adventure cards that duplicate some number of adventure card already in the base game if i don't want to use or spoil the expansion's curse quest?
4. Are nr. 050 cards also drawn randomly or are we instructed to get a specific card from there? (related to previous question)
5. Are there any generic exploration cards or adventure cards in the expansions that just add replayability but are not related to that specific curse or feature (weather, worms and pocket watch)? I would like to add those right away or be able to remove these features without searching through the adventure deck for those cards.

Thank you in advance!