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1) You should be fine. Because they are random events they just add replay-ability.

2) Yes. Its all in or all out.

3) Personally I have added in the 3 extra curses, Repentance, and the weather. I want to solve each or the curses by themselves first then I plan on doing one of the ones SP has said are good to do together (in the FAQ) with Repentance then with the Devourers. (Should keep me busy for a while :D' the next Kickstarter might even be fulfilled by then. And if not I'll do it all again on hard-core setting :devil:)
I see! Yes, I understand where I went wrong reading the rule book. I assumed when it said that the red-circle-with-a-line-through meant you couldn't rest, craft or light a fire it meant that you could choose to do any of those 3 actions anytime you liked otherwise.
I think I've missed something when it comes to resting :action_rest:.

To the best of my understanding unless there is a red circle with a line through it (and wouldn't you know its the one symbol they don't have on the emoji's) then you are able to craft :action_craft:, light a fire :action_make_fire:, and rest:action_rest:.

Taking one of those actions simply requires not being involved in anything else and then doing it. If you craft you take the card from your hand and put it in your inventory. If you light a fire you put a fire token on the area card.

But what do you do to rest? Does it say somewhere and I've missed it?
Cool. I thought that was the case when the rule book didn't mention them but it just seemed such a glaring oversight. Like a line of text had been accidently missed rather than purposely not put in
If I am reading the rule book correctly, the general skill cards and the character specific skill cards (for the character/s you are playing) make up the Action Deck.

What about the Advanced Skill cards? I know that you buy them with experience points and the game will tell you when but how do you choose which one?

Should I go through them all and put them in cost order so when a card tells me "You can spend 1 exp. point" I can choose from any available without having to look for them.

Or do I shuffle them at the start of a game and get told to "Pick an
Advanced Skill card" and then either buy it or discard it depending on whether I have enough exp.?
Cool. That's what I thought but if I have this fancy forum at my fingertips I feel like I should get some use out of it!
I know that if I don't want to play the curse from Icy Maze, Swamp of Madness or The Forbidden Sanctuary I can still put the other cards in and just not use that curse.

I also know that if I put the cards from Fear the Devourers or Face the Elements in I will have to deal with them. There is no way to ignore them if they are in play.

But which is The Path of Repentance? The slip of paper in the box says something like "if you choose to play with this expansion put the pocket watch card under the journal." But does that mean that if I don't I can just shuffle the other cards into the deck and play them as normal?
Can't go wrong with irrelevant but mildly interesting facts.
Wow, they look really good!

I have minis from a couple of games that I keep thinking I would like to paint but I've never done it before. I'm thinking I should start with something simple like a couple of item pieces I have (like the campfires for 7thC) but do you have any tips or websites/books that you would recommend as a primer?
And the new update has just made me think of 'Around the World in 80 Days'.
:action_orientate:I'm not sure a bout the card in specific but north-north-west is an actual direction. On a compass (anticlockwise) it goes North, North-North-West, North-West, West-North-West, West, West-South-West and so on. Its basically a bit more north than north-west but not quite true north. Sometimes its written as nor-north-west.
Is this for people who already have the game in hand or people who are still waiting as well? 'Cos I'm (im)patiently waiting in Newcastle England.
Tintin! And Robinson Crusoe, how could I forget them? And they've just made me think of Jacques Cousteau.
I preface this comment by saying that I haven't yet revived my copy of the game, so if anything I mention is already in there I am unaware.

I would like to see a desert expansion. Part of the challenge would be that there is little food with which to replace action cards so husbanding them becomes even more important.

I also like the idea of a boat or maybe a submarine (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea style) but I can see that that sort of biome could be very difficult to work into the mechanics.
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It seems so quiet in the Adventures’ Camp…we should be telling stories to keep the darkness (and more importantly the things it hides) at bay.

When I was describing the game to my workmate I obviously mentioned the Fighting Fantasy games books. But I also mentioned Lovecraft and Dr. Frankenstein as playable characters and that got me thinking about the gothic/pulp genre (which this game fits with). So here are some of my big favourites:

‘The Modern Promethean’ (Frankenstein’s Monster too all you philistines) by Mary Shelly

Anything by Mr. Lovecraft

‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ by Jules Verne (though I will admit I know it mostly from the film)

‘The Land that Time Forgot’ by Edgar Rice Burroughs (again, I’ve only seen the film)

‘War of the Worlds’ by H. G. Wells

For something a bit more modern:
‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ by Alan Moore (the film was pretty good, but I prefer the graphic novels)

‘Pax Britannia’ Series by Jonathan Green (This series directly uses many of the above (hidden lands full of dinosaurs, stitched together men used as soldiers etc.) and is well worth a read. Starts with ‘Unnatural History’.)

‘No Man’s World’ Series by Pat Keller (More Diesel Punk than Pulp Horror but basically a large circle of a WW1 battle field (including trenches) get randomly transported to an alien world. There are giant man-eating worms…’nuff said. Starts with ‘Black Hand Gang’.)

In real life:
Scott of the Antarctic

Lawrence of Arabia

Howard Carter (…of Egypt? Of the Mummy’s Curse?)

Sunless Seas (and the sequel currently in the works; Sunless Skies)
Discworld Noir (reaching a fair bit here but I love Sir Terry’s stuff to bits and he uses so many references and in jokes that all I really have to do is point towards Uberwald.)

So, traveller, those are my tales. What of yours? Will they be enough to keep us awake through till dawn? Let's just hope the campfire doesn't go out...