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I just got into the same situation.

the flavor text of the item is what gave the clue to me - it seems that both items are described as partially full

Thematically, it makes sense to banish as the resource is being used /
loaded into the beacon
This is odd - I was certain I responded last week...

For the missing icons, I was on a PC, with a browser window that was not full-screen. Once I maximized the window, I saw the missing icons. So the issue is definitely an interface one. (I didn't see the scrollbar either)

For the second issue, I did figure it out
the hint mechanism did help :)

and yeah, I did get to the end

I also appreciate that you offer the option to see the other endings

I did notice a number of typos in the french version - would you want me to send you the issues? (and I may do the same for English)
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Looks pretty interesting - loved certain mechanics.

However, a few *very* important issues:

During the boss fight
, my browser window wasn't in a full screen. This lead to a major issue where the displayed card was showing only the top 2 actions I could take, and was not showing
the other 3 actions that were below

When I got to
inside the labyrith
, I didn't realize what to do right away. Although
free movement
did help me, once I realized what needed to be done, it wasn't clear where to start.
maybe add a 1+ 0 action to return to entrance, and only register actions there?

When hearing the melody, it would be great to add audio!

I had to copy the labyrinth layout in paint and rotate it. Can you add support to rotate any/all cards?