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I know there's one point in the Path of Repentance where you
banish a 424:card_pick: card
. Now the rules say that when you banish a card from the Adventure deck, you don't look at it unless it says to do so. But later on there's a point when you have to
count how many "Repentance" cards have been banished
, and I've played Path of Repentance to the end and
as far as I know, there's nothing that tells you to ever "take" or "reveal" a 424:card_pick: card

So, for lack of a better way to say this: what is the use/point of card 424? (If there's something that lets you
take or reveal a 424:card_pick: card
, just tell me whether or not exists without telling me what it is, because obviously I haven't found it.)
It's supposed to count as a Repentance card when you count them.

There's not, like, a different way to get it where it does say to flip it before banishing it. I'm pretty sure they just forgot to say to flip it.
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That's what I thought. Thanks.

So maybe the card that lets you take/banish it should have said something like "424:card_pick: & banish this" and the 424 card should have said "Banish this" after the flavor text. Kind of like other cards like
spider bites
that ominously banish themselves.
That would have worked better, yes.
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