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Hi everyone. I ran into a problem while playing Path of Repentance. The game rules state that when you are instructed to banish a card from the Adventure deck by number, you must banish a green card if able, without looking at it. In Path of Repentance, one of the results that you can run into when playing Path of Repentance is that you are instructed to banish a card_pick
card from the Adventure Deck if you choose to
avoid squashing a bunch of caterpillars
. This ends up mattering because at the end of Path of Repentance, you are instructed to
count how many "Repentance" cards have been banished
, and as it turns out, card card_pick
a "Repentance" card
. However, there's nothing that tells you to flip it over once it's been banished. Story-wise it seems like it should count towards the (same spoiler as before)
number of Repentance cards you have banished
, but rules-wise there's nothing that tells me that it should. How are you supposed to know to flip it over? I only know it's
a "Repentance" card
because I peeked at it afterward.

I actually posted this same question about 7 years ago (haha, the number 7) in this forum thread but it has not been answered.
Just curious, I never thought that the Path of Repentance curse could be lifted! Could you give me a hint as to how you got cursed by it and how to lift it?
Thank you!
I have a side quest called
Britha and the Shield of Innocence
but I realized afterward that I forgot to write the dialogue number onto the Side Quests page. Does anyone know which one this is? Thanks!
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My roommate and I recently beat The Forbidden Sanctuary! First time playing with the new cards from WGUMCD also. I'll share how it played out, and then I'll go over how we felt about it.

My roommate was Eliot Pendleton and I was Ferdinand Lachapelliière. We found that the starting location was right next to the entrance to the Forbidden Sanctuary, so we decided to go in right away. But we were immediately stopped by the first puzzle, which we couldn't solve as we had no clues, so we left to explore the archipelago (taking a short detour to go beach hunting) and the continent at large. At that point we knew we had to use the
Examine the Notes
card as much as we could.

The first thing of note we found was a
message in a bottle
. My roommate thought because it was so close to the start, solving it would lead to something that would help us for the curse, but more on that later.

We knew from previous curses that finding food was the most important thing to do, so we hunted and fished at every opportunity. This lead us to find the
pretty early on, allowing us to use the new
goat milk
card, which really came in handy. We also explored the
beached ship
and found a :card_pick:350 which turned out to be
Boots - and the "clothing" keyword turned out to be super helpful, because I later found a pirate hat and built the camouflage outfit which let me use the boots more than 10 times!

So we explored the island trying to get as many :card_pick:050s as we could. We first went to where the
message in a bottle
said to go - which turned out to
have nothing to do with the curse, but it was a nice bonus anyway
. We also were able to collect all
three "Secret of the Sanctuary"
cards from the ability on the curse clue card (but it really sucked that
one of them was a trap!
). Then we made our way back to the sanctuary to try again, but we were stopped at the second puzzle because
none of the clues from the :card_pick:450 results help with this room
. We went with just picking randomly, but we chose the wrong one and it
kicked us out of the sanctuary
. From then, we resolved to go searching for the clues that the curse mentioned.

It was at this point that I suddenly realized that I knew two of the locations that the clue was talking about:
"visited an underground temple ... a heavy portcullis ... comfortable bed"
"offered me shelter ... offered him ... to thank him ... for days ... there is snow everywhere ... the freezing wind" (which turns out to be two separate clues, one of which has nothing to do with this curse)
. So long story short, we first went to the
hut near the forest and offered the man some food
, then went to the
underground temple
and got into the
room that you need the rope to get into, behind the portcullis
, where we found
another "Secret of the Sanctuary"
. Then we went up north to the
icy cave with icicles in front of it
and used what we got
to find the secret passage
- which it turns out wasn't necessary but still a really cool discovery - and then went to the
frozen man
, where after a tough set of challenges we got
our fifth "Secret of the Sanctuary"

Somewhere along the line we had the opportunity to rest and spend our experience points. We chose to get the
, which we knew we'd never build but we took because it had :7::icon_success-right::icon_succes::icon_success-left: on it - which soon became the subject of so many jokes, because chances to build it kept popping up when we didn't have it in hand, and when we did have it in hand we never had a chance to build it. Like we would enter a room with
wood and string
and I would say, "Hey, now I can build it for 3!" or we would find a room with
wood and bone
and I would say, "Hey, look at this!" and just point at the resource icons and we would burst into laughter, or even when I mentioned the new "Prodigy" mode to my roommate, showed him the cards and said "This mode lets you start with 5
in your deck!"

Back to the story. Eventually we had enough
"Secrets of the Sanctuary"
to solve all the puzzles (the one that was missing, we had accidentally already solved by trial and error). So we
jumped into the river to get washed all the way down to the archipelago
and went back into the sanctuary. And to make a long story short, we
solved the puzzles, made our way to the end of the sanctuary and lifted the curse

Statistics from the game:

  • "Secret of the Sanctuary" cards found
    : 5
  • Advanced Skills purchased: about 5
  • Total time: about 15 hours, spread out over four or five sessions.

Overall we enjoyed this curse very much. We liked the interesting puzzles and we liked that it made us use everything we knew about the continent and let us explore an entirely new area. But we were left with a few questions after we solved the curse:

  1. Where's the 6th "Secret of the Sanctuary" card? (Even though we ended up not needing it.) I can't tell if there's a third card that's hinted at on the clue card. What is it referring to when it mentions "wind?"

  2. Some of the puzzles in the sanctuary, like pressing the buttons on the panel or turning the wheel to lower the water level in room H, feel like you're doing something at complete random. We ended up not pushing any of the buttons on the panel and by luck we guessed the right way to turn the wheel. So how do you know which option to pick and which option will screw you? Or were there hints to the button panel and/or the wheel on the 6th "Secret of the Sanctuary" card?

  3. We loved the puzzle in the steam tunnels where you have to activate the machines in a certain order, but we didn't like that, because we had no clue for it, it felt like we were doing it at complete random and we ended up getting screwed because we activated the first machine before the second one and had to do that awful skill challenge just to un-screw ourselves (or save and load the game to return the permanent event). Were there any clues for this, or is this something you just have to learn by trial and error?

That's all for now. This is my first in-depth review and session log so I hope you enjoyed it.
Thank you. It actually does work!
I found the
All-Seeing Eye card
but when I
opened the app, there was no option to enter the password and scanning cards seems to do nothing.
. Does the
iOS app
work? I was really excited when I found the card so I hope I can use it!
Hey I’m pretty sure the rules say “take all the skills and all the character-specific skills and shuffle them to form the action deck.” That means just those and you have to leave out the advanced skill cards from game to game.
Thank you for the clarification.
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That's what I thought. Thanks.

So maybe the card that lets you take/banish it should have said something like "424:card_pick: & banish this" and the 424 card should have said "Banish this" after the flavor text. Kind of like other cards like
spider bites
that ominously banish themselves.
I know there's one point in the Path of Repentance where you
banish a 424:card_pick: card
. Now the rules say that when you banish a card from the Adventure deck, you don't look at it unless it says to do so. But later on there's a point when you have to
count how many "Repentance" cards have been banished
, and I've played Path of Repentance to the end and
as far as I know, there's nothing that tells you to ever "take" or "reveal" a 424:card_pick: card

So, for lack of a better way to say this: what is the use/point of card 424? (If there's something that lets you
take or reveal a 424:card_pick: card
, just tell me whether or not exists without telling me what it is, because obviously I haven't found it.)
What was it? (I've played Path of Repentance.)
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On the egg, what does "keep and/or take another 150:card_pick: card" mean exactly? Does it mean we draw another 150:card_pick: card to add to the hunting results and then choose another hunting result to take, meaning we get to keep 2 cards total (the egg and another choice of hunting results)? Or does it mean we both take another revealed hunting result card AND draw a 150:card_pick: and keep it, meaning we get to keep 3 cards total (the egg, another choice of revealed hunting results and another random 150:card_pick:)? I think it's the first one.

EDIT: Just noticed that this probably belongs better in the "Card Effect" section.
Thank you. That's what I thought.
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Hey I have two questions about the new card 599.
The card has an action that looks like :icon_locked:5:card_blue:1:icon_succes: with mastery 2. I assume that because it's locked, we have to use other cards to lower the cost to 2 or below in order to benefit from the mastery effect.

The card says "immediately after this is revealed, if possible, randomly take a XXX card from the Past and return it." Does this mean we apply the effect of the XXX card, or does it just mean we randomly choose and return a XXX card?

Dmitri's Bamboo Armor card says (among other things), "prevent getting poisoned and/or injured." Does that prevent only the player with the Bamboo Armor from getting poisoned or injured, or does that prevent all involved players? Thanks.