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Thank you for the clarification.
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That's what I thought. Thanks.

So maybe the card that lets you take/banish it should have said something like "424:card_pick: & banish this" and the 424 card should have said "Banish this" after the flavor text. Kind of like other cards like
spider bites
that ominously banish themselves.
I know there's one point in the Path of Repentance where you
banish a 424:card_pick: card
. Now the rules say that when you banish a card from the Adventure deck, you don't look at it unless it says to do so. But later on there's a point when you have to
count how many "Repentance" cards have been banished
, and I've played Path of Repentance to the end and
as far as I know, there's nothing that tells you to ever "take" or "reveal" a 424:card_pick: card

So, for lack of a better way to say this: what is the use/point of card 424? (If there's something that lets you
take or reveal a 424:card_pick: card
, just tell me whether or not exists without telling me what it is, because obviously I haven't found it.)
What was it? (I've played Path of Repentance.)
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On the egg, what does "keep and/or take another 150:card_pick: card" mean exactly? Does it mean we draw another 150:card_pick: card to add to the hunting results and then choose another hunting result to take, meaning we get to keep 2 cards total (the egg and another choice of hunting results)? Or does it mean we both take another revealed hunting result card AND draw a 150:card_pick: and keep it, meaning we get to keep 3 cards total (the egg, another choice of revealed hunting results and another random 150:card_pick:)? I think it's the first one.

EDIT: Just noticed that this probably belongs better in the "Card Effect" section.
Thank you. That's what I thought.
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Hey I have two questions about the new card 599.
The card has an action that looks like :icon_locked:5:card_blue:1:icon_succes: with mastery 2. I assume that because it's locked, we have to use other cards to lower the cost to 2 or below in order to benefit from the mastery effect.

The card says "immediately after this is revealed, if possible, randomly take a XXX card from the Past and return it." Does this mean we apply the effect of the XXX card, or does it just mean we randomly choose and return a XXX card?

Dmitri's Bamboo Armor card says (among other things), "prevent getting poisoned and/or injured." Does that prevent only the player with the Bamboo Armor from getting poisoned or injured, or does that prevent all involved players? Thanks.