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I have read the FAQ and several threads about the replacement cards. but still a bit confused.
I can just remove all the shrink wrapped cards from the black box and replace with the cards from the replacement box right? I don;t need to open the cards in the black box and go card by card matching and replacing right?

it says:
Note: the cards are organised slightly differently than the original set. Of course this has no effect on gameplay.

Adventure Cards (green and gold backs) first;
“Satchel and Journal”, Character, Save and Clue cards come next
Followed by the Action cards (blue backs)
Finally, the Exploration cards (grey backs).

is that all cards in the black box? or are there other cards that do not get swapped (that I have to keep from the base set).
sorry I know the info is in there - hope someone can clarify.
They replaced all the cards in the black box. That is, all the cards with ID numbers starting with A. If you have a brand new black box and a brand new set of replacement cards, you can leave the black box set in shrink.

If your black box was not in shrink I would remind you to double-check that it isn't expanded -- I forgot I had bought the BGG promos and almost left them behind when I swapped in the replacement cards.
Forums/ The 7th Continent/ 2nd Kickstarter Campaign2 posts