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My wife and I found an error which we think is the result of two lines being switched:

Card 170 says ENE should have 10 differences, while WNW is supposed to have 11. Even after a very thorough search we could only find 10 differences on WNW, so we assumed that to be our fault and moved on. In another game, we got the "On the right track?" event again, this time for ENE. We found 11 differences in the ENE track, while 170 says there should be 10. We kept checking and rechecking, but we kept finding 11, not 10. We now assume the two lines got switched around.

EDIT: Here's a picture as proof:
As you can see, there are 11 differences:
1. Snow under the banner
2. Root near the banner
3. Root to the left of the banner
4. Root middle-left
5. Root in the middle
6. Root middle-right
7. Root lower left
8. Crack lower left
9. Missing rock lower right
10. Missing spider leg lower right
11. Root at the bottom
Have you checked the errata? There's a note about card 170.
I did, but clearly not closely enough. Thank you.
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edit... found my error. Sry
Forums/ The 7th Continent/ Errors on the game4 posts