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I'm exploring area II.
So in the previous decision I make on a card tells me to pull card 063 (A0412) for the result.

On this card I succeed the search action and it says, 'Take a
073(and just next to it the symbol of a purple ribbon with what looks like a bug on it)
card from the Adventure deck if available.

I only see two of these cards in the deck, so I don't know which one to take at this point!

There is no way I can tell if either of these cards has
a purble ribbon or not
, so I quickly glance at each one, making sure not to read the text.

Neither of the cards has it!

I checked the card listing and I don't see anymore
cards - am I missing something?

or do I just take one of these cards randomly and I'm done?
Just answering myself, I figured it out. Just was thinking about it backwards.

The example in the manual about the ribbons confuses me because the pictograph symbol is of a white box and so I'm thinking a number is going inside the box, or it's a variable or something...

Once I saw the example on the 'Action Consequences' card it finally clicked for me...
Forums/ The 7th Continent/ Card effect2 posts