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I was working on a sidequest called, iirc
Still standing

Which required me to have more than
5 red hands cards.

I was trying to work on this and was one short of achieving it. I had
Injured, Frightened and Bloody

Then I found an exploration card called
Take a Break

To pass this check I used the basic action card Valient Hearts Shall Not Fail. This lead to the following situation.
Passed the check, gained "tired" state, NOW HAVE 5 REDS, then in the consequence phase of the action I was instructed to return it, and back to 4 reds.

Was this window an acceptable one for me to complete my sub quest?
The fact that taking the tired card interrupts the action makes me think maybe? Or maybe I shouldn't take tired until the very end, in which case I'm totally fine.
You played correctly.

You can turn in Still Standing whenever you meet the requirement. It isn't an action and doesn't take any time.

You meet that requirement for a couple whole phases between resolving Valiant Hearts in Results and then dropping it in Consequences. That's plenty of time to turn in Still Standing.

Even if you took the tired during Consequences, and taking and dropping the state happened "all at once" you would have a chance, I think. You get to choose the order of simultaneous consequences like that, and meeting the requirement even momentarily is good enough for Still Standing.

This was a good question. The timing rules for non-:action_empty: or :action_condition: are pretty much nonexistent in the rulebook, but my understanding is that abilities without boxes and without rules text specifying what phase(s) they can be used in can be used literally at any time. (This is stuff like Frankenstein's ability as well as the abilities on Side Quests.)
Good to know. Thanks!
Forums/ The 7th Continent/ Rules and Operating Points3 posts