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Sorry if I can't see how I'm the one wrong or if this has been reported already (did a search).

On the "ESE" Flying Net I'm able to count
7 rope connections on the moon ring
8 rope connections on the flower ring
, nevertheless the result card
states that you should cut the
moon ring

Am I missing something?
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Did you count the ropes that hang on the other ropes?

I got left:
and right
flag_curse_sm VG: icon_succes PoC: icon_succes IM: icon_succes
CS card_pick009: icon_succes, card_pick123: icon_succesicon_succes
VotE icon_succes SoM icon_succes
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I stated something untrue - sorry
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I got the same result as you @chooselife. I treating like an error...

....Right up until the point that I saw the ENE card. I can now see that this is not an error as
there are other rope running through some of the ropes you cut. Meaning that you would release these too
Forums/ The 7th Continent/ Errors on the game5 posts