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I noticed a possibly interesting mechanic when playing today which I am planning to intentionally avoid. I am making assumptions, but I don't think it's an exploit. I'm also not really looking for any spoilers since I plan to play it and explore it, but I wanted to share it and think through it more.
Regarding the mechanics of the Path of Repentance, I am aware that you draw 500 cards when you rest, and
many of the added exploration cards are titled "Repentance", but I have not yet seen any in play, so I don't know what they do, if they act like Spider Bites, or what.

From the description of the expansion, it seems like
time is against you, so I might guess I don't want to run out of 500 cards

However I have found at least one spot in the game where you can
Rest: draw 0+, requires 1 star with no failure effect. So taking that action with just one character has no risk and it would seem if you wanted to, you could rush through and draw every single 500 card and spoil them all really quickly for yourself and/or exploit rushing through them all.

My gut feeling is that doing this wouldn't be helpful, other than to gain information about the game which for me would feel a bit like ruining the fun, but even if it was good to do, I don't think I'd want to use it.
A tweak to the satchel and journal card might be to
only draw a 500 card during the consequence step of a rest action when at least some other consequence is applied. Since in the case I described there is absolutely no effect for failing the action.
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