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To Serious Poulp

Guys, now that we're days away from the crowdox closing, I wanted to share my disappointment that you never really addressed this issue in a serious way.

With the full sleeve buy in ($79) you did the correct thing by taking responsibility for any variability in the final number of sleeves. You did not put your backers in a position where they had to calculate or predict what your development process will ultimately produce, which was absolutely the right decision.

We really needed the same offer for a mid level sleeving, where all cards that receive any level of shuffling get sleeved (like the fog backed cards, for example), but not the standard terrain cards.

It's rather unfair that you placed the burden on your backers to calculate the number of sleeves they need when you don't even have the final numbers yourselves.

I really think the fair way to do this would have been to provide an option which allowed for 500+, in the same way that the full buy in was 1,400+. Perhaps at a $35 level. That would have been the right thing to do.

In the end, I just spent the $79, effectively raising the cost of my pledge by a full 25%. This is not insignificant, and it colors my experience in a negative way.

I'm really excited about playing your game, and it's really unfortunate that this experience is preventing some of your backers, like me, from fully enjoying what was otherwise a great KS campaign.

I'd very much appreciate a reply from SP on this.

Thank you
Bruno, as someone married to a Taiwanese gal who has traveled extensively in China, I would suggest you consider getting ahead of this (as it seems you are already behind). There may well be a cheap Chinese knockoff of your game making the rounds before you have the opportunity make the phone call to your lawyers. For all we know, there could be one out there right now.

The price of success...!

P.S. Let me know if you're looking for a translator :)
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This very question was raised on Board Game Geek. Someone created a detailed ranking survey and essentially the resulting advice was to invest in curses first, because the curses extent the life of the game. The more courses you have, the more you can play the game, for an expensive investment line this, this makes a lot of sense.

The other expansions serve as enhancements (like adding weather effects) but they don't actually extend the life of the game at all.
You guys are right... It's not SP's fault that the shipping costs are so high, but it's also not fair that people living in wealthy countries pay so little in shipping (I'm paying $30) while people in Brazil, with an average per capita annual income of $5,000, have to pay $160. All we want to do is play this intriguing game, whether we're from France, Canada, Jamaica, India or Mongolia.

SP earned over $7m USD in good faith pledges from people all over the world, not just people in wealthy countries, blowing away their expectations. It would be really wonderful if they allocated some of those funds to help people living in less wealthy countries to receive their games for at last the same cost as period in the US receive it.

That's my 2 pesos.
I have a feeling many of us are going to have a lot of extra sleeves for sale come November 2018....
Hey Falco20019

I've had the app open on my phone all day and wanted to offer a nickel's worth of free advice for the next update.

Sometimes the buttons do not play the songs after being tapped, and I found myself pressing the same (or different) buttons several times until the app responded. This does not seem to happen when I open the app for the first time, only when it has been open and running in the background for a while.

I've experienced similar UI playback issues with other Android audio apps on multiple phones, so I understand this may be an Android platform issue. However, it would help if your app had some sort of visual indication that the app has registered the finger tap by highlighting the playing icon with a blue square, or some similar visual cue that communicates the software has received the input and is attempting playback.

Also, the app has been lingering in the background-- even when I close all of my open apps, it lingers in the system tray, with no way to close it or swipe it away. See screengrab, below:
Lingering app

The only way I've found to purge it from memory is to Force Stop it in the system - app preferences.

Thanks again for your work on this. It's really, really cool.
Just tried it... seems to work great! Interface is simple and straightforward, as it should be.

Can I assume the tracks will loop infinitely until you press another button?

I have a little Bluetooth speaker that this will work great with! I've already got the spot on my gaming table planned for it :). How many months away are web from March, again?

Great job!
That's really cool!! Thanks for doing this, Falco. Downloading now.
DeltaWalker a écrit :
It's December everybody.
Less than 4 months to go :)
Wow KRBJ, this is the best, most detailed and helpful description I've found yet. Thank you.

I'm not ready to reveal any spoiler links however, so I am unable to fully appreciate what you've written here. However, I'm sure others who have played the game already will find this very helpful.

I think what newbies like me really need is an "anonymous" list of cards to sleeve (without any spoilers). Just tell us what to sleeve based on the criteria of shuffling, and leave it at that. (And honestly, I feel Serious Poulp should be helping with this.)

As someone who has never played the game before, I don't need to know the card numbers that hide the hunting results, I just need to know that at some point in the game, cards xxx through xxx will be shuffled. That's enough for me to sleeve it..

Suggestion: SP could revise the master card index list and place an * next to each card that's shuffled at some point in the game. Example: 365*.

What do you think?
Sadly the situation we're in means that the best current solution (aside from buying sleeves after the game ships... I'm told that SP may sell them on their web site for a higher cost) is to simply buy the full $79 upgrade and have more sleeves than we need.

It doesn't seem quite fair, considering the significant investment we've all made in the game (nearly $300 for me... This is a big reason why I feel compelled to sleeve in the first place).

I'd really appreciate if SP would help us out with this.
I'm lost, how many cards are frequently handled?

JCML, you've hit the critical question here and nobody seems to have a definitive answer. Not even Serious Poulp themselves.

The definitive solution to all of this anxiety for us newbie backers is to have SP provide an official count of all cards that get shuffled, and offer a median level of sleeve buyup ($35 for example) that provides protection for all blue backed cards as well as other cards which get an occasional shuffle.

You and I have no practical way of figuring this out since we don't have the game in our hands, nor do we have the gaming experience to know which cards actually get shuffled. SP is in the unique position to inform us of this, since they know which cards will be added later to the game like advanced skills and other mystery cards that gamers wouldn't know of until they encounter them.

Instead we have to rely on internet gossip and guesses, which just increases anxiety.

Please SP, provide an official count for shuffled cards, ideally with a reference list of cards that we should sleeve.
Thanks for pointing that out. I printed out the PDF on double sided matte photo paper and didn't realize it didn't quite fit. (I did "fit to page" option on my print settings). It would be great if the SP gang could put it in the downloads page here.
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I've got some questions for you!

I've been trying to figure out how many packs of 200 cards I'm going to need. I went in for the Rookie/All-In on the second Kickstarter.

I only want to sleeve cards that receive regular shuffling. Since I don't have the game yet, I'm unsure which cards these are for sure, but based on what I've read these are the Action cards (blue back) and Exploration cards (foggy back). So, for sure I'm going to want to sleeve all of these. As I said, I'm all-in on the WCUMCD expansion and all of the optional card scenarios, so any Exploration or Action cards to be found in those sets, I'll want to sleeve. (The BGG community FAQ does not yet include info on the expansion).

In addition to the Action and Exploration cards receiving regular shuffling, what other cards in the game are shuffled? As I understand, the Adventure cards (green/gold backs) are simply laid down and replaced in their boxes, and receive gentle treatment, so I don't see the need to sleeve these.

Any advice you can provide will be very helpful and greatly appreciated, as there does not seem to be any definitive info out there.

Thanks for pointing this out-- in theory this sheet would be quite useful, but it doesn't seem to be precise enough. For example, I can only say yes or no as to whether I want to sleeve the base box. Well, yes and no-- I want to sleeve the often shuffled cards, and not the adventure cards. There doesn't seem to be a way to separate them out.

I'm also a bit confused by the 4th column qualifier "include if you choose 'Aventure' cards"-- surely these expansions include more than just Adventure cards? You'd know better than I would, as I do not have the game to reference.
It seems like there should be an update on the card count before the Pledge Manager comes online, so that players can accurately gauge how many sleeves to buy. I want to sleeve all of the cards that receive regular shuffling.

I've gone all-in on 2nd Kickstarter, having backed the base game, the major expansion, and all of the smaller card expansions, including BGG/Tric Trac. I'm 100% in as far as cards go.

I'm definitely interested in sleeving any cards that get shuffled, and it sounds like that means sleeving:

- the Action Deck (blue back)
- the Exploration (foggy back)

I'm not really interested in sleeving cards that are not shuffled, such as:

- Adventure cards (green/gold backs)

Based on what I've read here and on BGG, the 200 sleeves/$10 optional buy will not be enough to accommodate what I'm trying to do, but I also haven't found any kind of an accurate count as to how to tally this.

Could someone please advise me as to how many cards will experience regular shuffling, so I know how many $10 packets of 200 to purchase?

And if there are other cards which receive regular shuffling that I have not included here, could you please include that in your estimation?

So, let’s say you fight with an Item “Club” combined with a “Sharp stone”, you reduce the durability of the Item if YOU DO NOT use your sharp stone, and you DO NOT reduce the durability of the item if you use at least 1 effect of your Sharp Stone (which is therefore discarded).

I was following Bruno until he wrote "(which is therefore discarded)".

Does that mean that the unlimited durability item (in this case, the Sharp Stone) is "therefore discarded" after being used? This doesn't make sense. It's an unlimited item-- why would it be discarded?
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I just played the first Kickstarter Print and Play demo with the alpha rules, as a way to stave off my ever growing urge to pay this game for real. I really enjoyed it.

So, this is for the rules masters at SP. I would like to know what your intent was.

I noticed that the demo ends with your explorer arriving at the 7th Continent at one of three different starting card locations, depending on where and by what means you left the islet. Did you follow through by designing three different entry points to the Continent based on how the demo ends, essentially giving demo players am experience that most players will never have?

And since the demo segues rather seamlessly into the full game, does that mean any items we found in the demo would also carry over into the real game?

Would any other cards from the action deck transfer over to the full game? What was the designers intent?

Thanks for making such an intriguing game!!
Where can I find the alpha rules that are compatible with the PnP? The link on the original Kickstarter page is broken.
You only have to wait a few months to get the base game - the first Kickstarter backers had to wait upwards of a year.

Fair enough.

If you really want to play with all the expansions from the get-go, there will be an option in the Pledge Manager to delay shipping of the base set until wave 2.

Somehow I can't see myself opting for this :-)

I suppose adding the expansions after 7 months of familiarizing myself with the game will allow me to feel a broadening of the world in a way that going all-in from the start would prevent. I'll ameliorate my impatience with this mantra.