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So technically the Poulps were correct- the six card trays across two boxes fit all of the sleeved cards, with all of the expansion.

However, there's not a lot of room for anything else.

What I've done is to consolidate all player standees (both old and new) into a small Ziploc, character randomizer tokens in the bone dice bag along with the dice, and add both old and new character miniatures to the black box. This puts all of the essential "core" components in the black box.

In the white box, I've focused on storing expansion bits. I flipped the narrow white spacer tray upside down to the hollow side, where I inelegantly tucked away the other minis (devourers, flying roots, balloon basket and barge). It's overfilled and bulky and doesn't work well. I've stacked the large standees and weather effects vertically, and the large standee holders in the little Ziploc they came in. I've kept the weather effect standees in the original ziploc (too many bits, too bulky and too fragile to leave assembled).

In both boxes I lay the instructions, disassembled discard/action stands, and player aids evenly on top in boxes they came in.

This leaves absolutely no room for the journal and binder, unless you're happy with a box that won't close flat. I'm not.

Luckily, I ordered the player mat which came in an absurdly overproduced, beautiful box that fits the cartographer's notebook perfectly, as well as the journal and binder. I've stored some pencils in there as well, along with printouts about curse order and the master card list. Still some room left over there.

Additionally, I've tucked away the optional play mode cards (immortal, prodigy, traitor and expansion instruction cards) in the back pages of the binder. (I put the whole stack of traitor cards in one pouch in order to save space). This alleviates some of the pressure on the overstuffed card trays.

To other all-in fully sleevers, did you find a better and/or more elegant solution than this?
I don't sleeve all of the cards, so I have a little more room, but I do use all 6 trays (including one fan made expansion).
For the components, I really liked this part I 3D printed
It needs some updating for all the new stuff, but it's a start and helps me to organize some of the small pieces and utilize the small space next to the card trays.
I am able to fit my journal/sachel in the box but I keep the notebook outside (afraid the spiral will do damage). I also keep a glass jar with my game to roll a single die in when I have to pick between 6 or fewer cards of the same number randomly, so that just sits where I have room in my closet unfortunately. The die bounces really well on the glass so I know I can't cheat the roll, and the jar means I don't have to roll on top of the rest of the game.
Good luck
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