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I like that the T7C "choose your own path" can really be applied to any genre, just as the 1980s "choose your own adventure" books were. The possibilities are limitless. Having said that, the 1900s pulp and fantasy are definitely much more appealing to me personally (e.g. I was much more drawn in by Warcraft than Starcraft, even though they're essentially identical games.) So, I won't be lobbying for a straight sci-fi T7C any time soon-- I think there are far more interesting genres to explore.

But, if you want to go with what I'd consider a WAY more interesting sci-fi route, what about a game that starts off in contemporary society and then Ultima/Time Bandits style portals take you to different worlds/dimensions? Or, perhaps an alternate reality modern world with strange, interesting twists like the Rod Serling Twilight Zone TV show?

That type of wildly creative sci-fi is way more interesting to me than what has become the boring, far too mainstream "aliens-and-spaceships" take on the genre.
Hi Firebird,

What happened to the flag? :) (Last update of the Android app was June 7, 2019)

I've accessed the All-Seeing Eye, so I can't verify whether the back button has been added to that screen. But the music still turns off when the screen is shut off. I play my soundtrack through a bluetooth speaker, so there's no reason to have the screen on during my entire gameplay session.

Hope you're managing the epidemic with grace and as much good humor as is possible to muster.

Be well
Firebird a écrit :
Topic moved ;-)

For information, SP indicates on the French forum that a button "Back" will be added on the interface of password.
So I think some adjustments should come later.

Any update on this?

I, too, would like to have the music play with the screen off, as the unofficial app does.

I am the one who told Sarah at SP about the missing "back" button on the password screen (have to assume I was the first, as she was unaware that it was missing).

Any word on when (or if) these updates will happen?
Like the "hidden number" mechanic, it reveals a card that you would not otherwise have found. Specifically: (one example)

Card 905
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So technically the Poulps were correct- the six card trays across two boxes fit all of the sleeved cards, with all of the expansion.

However, there's not a lot of room for anything else.

What I've done is to consolidate all player standees (both old and new) into a small Ziploc, character randomizer tokens in the bone dice bag along with the dice, and add both old and new character miniatures to the black box. This puts all of the essential "core" components in the black box.

In the white box, I've focused on storing expansion bits. I flipped the narrow white spacer tray upside down to the hollow side, where I inelegantly tucked away the other minis (devourers, flying roots, balloon basket and barge). It's overfilled and bulky and doesn't work well. I've stacked the large standees and weather effects vertically, and the large standee holders in the little Ziploc they came in. I've kept the weather effect standees in the original ziploc (too many bits, too bulky and too fragile to leave assembled).

In both boxes I lay the instructions, disassembled discard/action stands, and player aids evenly on top in boxes they came in.

This leaves absolutely no room for the journal and binder, unless you're happy with a box that won't close flat. I'm not.

Luckily, I ordered the player mat which came in an absurdly overproduced, beautiful box that fits the cartographer's notebook perfectly, as well as the journal and binder. I've stored some pencils in there as well, along with printouts about curse order and the master card list. Still some room left over there.

Additionally, I've tucked away the optional play mode cards (immortal, prodigy, traitor and expansion instruction cards) in the back pages of the binder. (I put the whole stack of traitor cards in one pouch in order to save space). This alleviates some of the pressure on the overstuffed card trays.

To other all-in fully sleevers, did you find a better and/or more elegant solution than this?
JackSpirio a écrit :
You won’t understand the joke about the goat if you weren’t there


At some point during one of the Kickstarter campaigns, the Poulps misspelled "stretch goal" as "stretch goat".

The inside joke grew in popularity among the backers, and the Poulps wisely leaned into it, eventually incorporating a goat into the game as a self-aware callback to this error. The goat became so popular among netizens that some began calling the goat "Brumpy". (That's not an official name.)

The goat's story may have a particularly dramatic and/or satisfying conclusion, depending how you play it. This fan service further added to backers' affection for the character.

Additionally, the white box included a new stretch goat that adds a new thread to the goat's storyline, which I've yet to uncover (as I've only sorted and sleeved my game yesterday!)

Hope that helps.
I don't think it's anywhere near Reno!

The game places it off the coast of Antarctica.
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Just a suggestion/warning for SP re: color matching

If you haven't already, be sure to color match the second KS printing to the first, so that you don't have a situation where the expansion card back colors don't match the card backs from the first Kickstarter.

That would be bad (and super expensive to fix...)
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I agree that it feels like that's the thematically consistent thing to do, but the game doesn't actually tell you to banish him.

Is this errata?

EDIT: OK, I just looked closely at all the involved cards.
Brumpy's card says essentially "if you use this or this card leaves your hand, banish this". Although the rules do not define what it means to "use" a non-inventory item, I think it makes sense to apply this rule and banish the goat.
I've just
restored the camp and set Brumpy out to pasture.
Happy ending...or is it?

Here's the thing... Nothing in the cards had instructed me to banish
the Brumpy green card from my hand
...and I'm getting hungry.

What to do in this situation? Had I received instructions to banish Brumpy
after seeing himout to pasture
I wouldn't have this question. Themselves, it certainly does seen that this should be a happy ending to Brumpy's saga, but happy endings don't help me to restock my action deck.
It is surprising. I sort of got most of the questions answered on bgg but not definitively.

The reason i posted this was because after playing the 2nd ks base game, i realized just how crucial mapping the continent was (voracious goddess, I'm looking at you...), and how disorganized having stacks of scrawled pdfs lying around are. Plus, i went all-in on every other item and when i saw the pledge manager reopen, the completionist in me nagged me to reconsider dropping the final $10. I wanted additional info about the notebook to help me make the final decision, and maybe even go in for two if one notebook was inadequate.

In the end I just went ahead and bought it. If nobody replies, I'll answer my own question once the package arrives in 2019.
Thanks for the reply, though i really am trying to get info about the physical details of the notebook itself, not the pdf. It has been surprisingly difficult to get this info.
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"Somewhere I read that Mayday made the ones for 7th Continent."

It always gets me how when a rumor is repeated enough times, it magically gains credibility.

You did not read that from the only source that matters, Serious Poulp, who have not yet (to my knowledge) publicly stated who manufactures their sleeves.

Rumors have been flying on boardgamegeek for a year now. Maydays are the current "source" but at other times in other conversions, there were other "manufacturers" like Paladin. None of this was confirmed. However, consensus is that Mayday Premiums fit just fine.
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I have been unable to find definitive info describing the Cartographer's Notebook online. It's even surprisingly difficult to find any detailed photos of it.

With that said:

- What are the dimensions of each page? (Is it European A4 size paper?)

- How many individual sheets of paper does the notebook contain?

- Are pages printed double-sided?

- What is the thickness/heaviness of the card/paper stock?

- Is one notebook enough to cover all of the existing curses?

- For those who completed all existing curses (i.e. have mapped out the whole continent), how many empty pages remain in your notebook?

- Assuming the expansions will have less cards than the base box, do you think there will be adequate room in your notebook to accommodate the expansions?

- Photos showing book (front and back covers), thickness, and relative size next to reference objects would be most welcome.
The satchel and journal would be reset anew every time a brand new game is started.
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Thank you, Firebird. This is very clear.

Sometimes when there's a rules conflict, the best thing to do is to have the creators weigh in on intent. Having your clarification on the intent of the creators is good enough for me.
Nintendojunkie, please stop stalking me across websites.

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Firebird, there's a discussion on BGG about whether or not a banner effect on an item card can be applied when none of the card's "item effects" match the action.

You didn't seem to address the fact that the "Go See" action on card 94 does not appear as an item effect on the torch item. Yet the roles for using items on p.21 clearly indicate that items can only be used either if they have a white action on them, or if one of the item effects on the item are associated with an action available elsewhere.

On p.14 under the banner rules, it says that you can apply banner effects when using an item, but as just determined, the rules for using an item do not allow for use when an associated action or item effect is not available. There isn't any language in the banner rules that overrides the "using an item" language.

Can you please read through this thread and let us know what the official response from SP is? Is this errata, or is there another item with the "magnifying glass" banner that has "go see" as an item effect that would make application of the rules consistent?

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I'm having this problem right now with Voracious Goddess, and it does not have to do wth transitioning into a new zone. All cards involved are in Area II.

My figure is on card 059. There is an indicator to place a foggy backed card to the right, along with card 066.

The problem is, gold permanent event card 074 is already in place, pointing back to card 132 just below it.

What do I do in this case, other than save the game?
Can we officially disregard the currently posted errata with regard to the KS2 printing? I would assume so, but would appreciate confirmation on this as there hasn't been any official word from SP on this that I've been able to find.