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Got it, thanks Firebird

I love how the game opens up in the Epilogue, thematically and strategicially, all while being presented as a tutorial for the larger game.

I can see why the expansion adding variation to the intro scenario is welcome. I imagine that repeatedly playing through the same tutorial scenario, especially once you've exhausted all of the options (and figured out which ones create an optimal pathway) gets to be a bit of a slog. Having now played through the intro scenario 3 times, I've already gone through most of the options, and it does bug me a little bit that in a future playthrough I'm going to have to perhaps intentionally sacrifice what I know is a good option for one that may not be (as I found on my failed 2nd playthrough when I unwittingly chose to get
zapped by the wizard instead of achieving Ratko as a companion

From the epilogue I see that there is at least one other option to go for in the
torture room with the prisoner, and it looks like Taja may not be entirely useless :) So that does give me something to go for in future scenarios.

I suppose if the intent of the Intro scenario is not to kill the player (when they follow the rules as intended...) then I'm effectively at the point with intro where I'd be playing through the second or third threat at this point.
I played a third time tonight with my new understanding of the compound actions and finally won. Amazing how following the rules can help sometimes :)

A couple of random questions.... Is
Walda's "moush"
a misspelling for

Also when the
torture room collapses
, and you swap the
hidden number terrain card
for the one without a number, I didn't actually see any instruction whether to
banish or discard the card containing the hidden number.
Thanks as always firebird.

This is the reason why I kept failing. I didn't realize that you could account for successes even when failing by reducing the die value.

Trying to achieve 6 successes all in one go is near impossible :) but I didn't put it past the poulps because I know how brutal they could be with Continent :)

Also, SPs how to play video on YouTube doesn't help because they resolve the first compound action in one go. They don't show that you tick down the die count- it just moves down to the next step. That added to my confusion.

For what it's worth I did read the manual but clearly not closely enough.
I've just watched a couple of YouTubers say that the die on combat cards ticks down as you complete successes. Is this true? For example if you have a chained 2+ and a die showing 4, and you only get one successe between your two selected cards, you can deduct that one success and the die now shows 3.

If so this works very differently than any other time you're presented with a cards & stars situation.

It's this a player variant to make combat easier or is this intended by Les poulps?
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Just played my first 2 games.

First time I was working out the rules, but I found (info about the scénario :)
a lot of the pitfalls like Taja. However my random event cards worked in my favor. I found the wire early and could unlock the door to get a weapon to defeat the little gremlin with the club.

However I didn't fully understand the chain action makes this (part)
battle (and the battle with the tree at the end)
extremely difficult.

What is the strategy here? Both (cards)
rely on impossible rolls without augmenting the chain restriction, but those cards are few and far between. They're often hidden in the deck and trying to retrieve them is a frustrating endeavor.

What is the strategy here?

I'm playing solo, fyi.

Edit modo : Spoiler tag and context added
Thanks for the quick replies @firebird

Perhaps you can help me understand why nobody is answering my question about whether the third box is required to hold everything for an all-in sleeving pledge?

I asked this question both here and on the KS forum. The Poupls have answered all of the questions around my question, but have ignored mine.

There are a bunch of people who have asked about this so it's very odd that they're just ignoring it. If they don't know, they can just say that. Why ignore the question?
I see on the KS forums someone just got an answer for this.

Alice says "I can confirm you will need 2x200 sleeves for the new content :)"
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You should ask in the comment section on the KS page

Unfortunately you are locked out of the KS forum until you're a backer.

And I don't want to back until I can confirm the correct number of sleeves.
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I'm about to pledge but am not sure whether one additional pack of 200 sleeves is enough to cover all of the new content.

EDIT: I see in the FAQ that the total number of cards is 1650+, and the original game had 1329. That's a difference of 321 cards. So, can you please confirm we will be covered if we purchase two additional packs of 200 sleeves? (Would be nice to have a Veteran & new gameplay sleeving all-in option).

Also, since the expansion comes with a new box, does that mean we're going to not have a use for the extra box that came with the all-in sleeving first one?

Thanks for your help.
Firebird wrote:
Hi -)

Yes, there will be some materials for the main errata. (not for each very little typo however)
See you tomorrow on the KS Page ! ;-)

Where I live, it's already 4 June. You guys are late!
Hi everyone,

I still have not played the game due to my intense school schedule, but I plan to begin diving into the Collapsing Lands in July. (So far all I've done is organize and sleeve everything).

I've noticed a decent amount of errata has collected in the FAQ. With the new Kickstarter coming, have Les Poulps shared if they're planning to make corrected materials available?

Personally I wouldn't mind kicking in a few extra $$ to cover costs for reprints of non-critical materials just to ensure I have a perfect copy of the game to play.
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I've been such in full time studies with no time to play, but thought I'd dip in to the forums.

It's disappointing to know there are errata but probably inevitable since the game is so huge.

I see that the Poulps have included corrected cards and pages. If we want to print these ourselves, can you provide the correct card/paper stock used to match what's in the game?

I wonder if this can be done at a local print shop?

Has anyone done this?

I suppose if there's an expansion in the works like WGUMCD this would be the time to send corrected cards to backers. (That's what happened last time.)
JackSpirio wrote:
qetuol wrote:
robmcarthur wrote:
It's up to you - put them in now, or put them in when you are ready. It does not change anything until you actually go to play the threat.

Does this apply to the Edge of peril expansion too?

Pretty much yes

"Pretty much" lol

That's doing a bit of heavy lifting there, don't you think Jack? Or at least a modicum of lifting.
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PeterM2158 wrote:
I use the cardboard until I have painted the plastic.

You could do that with 7rh Continent with no issue, but for Citadel the colour of the plastic figures is a core component of gameplay. Maybe paint the figures but leave the base as is?

I found it confusing that the cardboard standees, which look great, do not have the associated player colour anywhere on the piece.

SP should have included colour stands to solve this problem, instead of the transparent plastic ones. It's very hard to distinguish players from a distance otherwise.
I just sleeved my all-in pledge last night and I had EXACTLY the right number of sleeves. This includes double sleeving the books. I'm kind of amazed how it worked out.
Assuming you saw update 83?

The last container finally reached the warehouse at the end of last week and shipments have just resumed.

Ark Transportation's procedure means that when we send you an e-mail with the tracking number, the package is not yet physically with the carrier but is ready for pickup. Therefore, the tracking status may take a few days to update.

Although this method is not ideal, it is the best way for us to keep you informed about the progress of your pledge delivery. Before contacting us to report a potential issue, we kindly ask you to wait 10 days from the moment you receive your tracking number.
Update: Sarah reached out and provided me with my tracking number. It should have populated on the pledge Manager.
Just received a shipping notice from Serious Poulp pledge Manager!

I did not receive any notice from Aetherworks, the fulfillment house for Aus/NZ.

I also didn't receive a tracking number, which the email indicates I should have:

"You can get tracking information for your package by logging into the pledge manager: https://pm.seriouspoulp.com/the7thcitadel/"

All I see when I log in is "order status: shipped" but no tracking.

What have others received?
Saw this on BGG and thought I'd post here where Bruno would have a better chance of seeing and addressing it.

They are comparing the cards they received to the official Card Count List published by SP. Perhaps the Card Count List needs to be updated, if this is true? (I have not received my game so I cannot check myself):

According to my cards:
A0237 is Exploration Area III not II.
Exploration Area V goes from A0268-A0281, but card list states A0268-A0287.
A0314 is Exploration Area VIII not VII.
Printing error or card list error?
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BrunoS wrote:
schleima wrote:
Also, I wonder if the world map is emptied (reset) after you complete a threat, or do you retain this knowledge across threats?

It is indeed reset/emptied.


So I take it that there is no goal to ever complete the world map in totality? I'm sure the obsessive-compulsive completionists may take issue with this :)

It's very interesting how you're incorporating legacy-like elements into this game without going fully into it by permanently changing or discarding elements of the game. I'd love to hear your thoughts on legacy games and if this was your goal in designing Citadel (i.e. creating a Legacy-like experience without going all-in)