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Overburdened says
... you must either discard 1 card with the keywords stamina or will from your hand or inventory for each state card you have in hand, or discard only 1 card from your inventory and take a 101 card.
-- to me, this means
if you don't have any stamina or will card, you can take the first choice an discard 0 cards and not take a 101, since it's a free choice between two options.

Frozen says
Each character on the active player's Terrain card must either discard 1 card with the keyword clothing from their inventory, or discard all cards with the keywords stamina or will they have in hand & take a 102 card.
-- though this is worded in the same way as Overburdened, it somehow doesn't feel right to take the first choice
if you have no clothing cards, since thematically those would be the way you avoid freezing. I wonder whether this should be worded more like "you must discard 1 clothing card if you have any, otherwise discard your stamina and will cards and take a 102."
Okay, yes, that makes a lot of sense actually! I was apparently trying to read way more into it that necessary. Thanks for making me realise my silliness. :-)
There are some temporary events that state "The active player must perform the following action alone" and others that use the phrase "Only the active player is forced to take the following action". Since all (I think) actions on temporary events are mandatory to begin with, the latter phrasing seems to be redundant unless "only the active player" means the exact same thing as "the active player alone" in this context, which then begs the question of why use the different verbiage? We have been playing both of these types of cards the same way (the active player is the only one involved in the action), but I'm curious if there's been an official statement about the matter.
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Flavor rules say definitely yes.

A formal reading of the cards says no...

You nailed it -- that's exactly where my head is at. We've been tending to play these slightly ambiguous things in a way that doesn't make our lives easier, but I do wonder what B & L actually envisioned in this case, if it even came up..
I don't have the cards in front of me, but this situation came up during a game earlier: we had the G1334
weather card and the
Duke, go fetch
bonus card. G1334 says something along the lines of
any character on the terrain card where the tornado is has access to these resources: bamboo, vine, foliage, wood (I think)
. If you are adjacent
to the tornado's terrain card, does Duke go fetch those 4 resources? I would think it would work that way, as it would if there were a permanent event adding resources to the terrain card, it's just that the wording about characters having to be on the terrain card to get the resources makes me wonder.
Okay, that makes sense. If it weren't for this recent business about Anjika I wouldn't have even thought twice about it (and indeed was initially playing it as you both suggest), due to the golden rule, but that's now making me question my gut feelings. Thanks for putting me back on track -- I shall play it as written!
Yeah, that's what I thought, and the way I've been playing it, it just didn't seem to be covered explicitly in the rules (except I guess by its very omission, since the rules are very comprehensive...) so just wanted see what the consensus was. Thank you both!
This card says:
Randomly discard 1 card from the action deck. If it is a skill (blue hand) card, nothing happens, discard this. If it is a curse (skull) card, each involved character takes a 104 card.

Since we are playing with the Flying Roots, we have non-skill, non-curse cards in the action deck. I don't think it makes sense to treat the roots encounter cards as curses, but they are also not skills... so I would say that if you randomly discard "the strangest encounter", then nothing would happen. But am curious what others think, since the root encounters are kindof intended to be negative like curses (since they offer no successes and can fail your action). Anyway, I think this card would make more sense if it were worded "If it is a curse card, each involved character takes a 104 card, otherwise discard this."
Can you craft one of your character-specific items and then give it to someone else (to create a new item stack or combine with an existing one), since it's no longer in anyone's hand? For example, could Dmitri craft his Bamboo Armor and then give it to Eliot to wear?
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If you choose the side of the discard pile holder that says "A thought for those who died on the first expedition", you get a locked 1/1 pray action that you can take whenever a grave is visible on your terrain card, which says (on success): "Each involved character any discard any number of cards with the keyword will from their hand and/or inventory. For each card discarded this way, randomly take 2 cards from the Discard Pile and shuffle them back into the Action Deck."

My question is: are the discarded will cards intended to be eligible to be shuffled back in, or are they only discarded after you pick the cards? For example, if your Discard Pile contains only 1 card when you use this action, does it end up with 1 card in it (the will card you discarded) or 0?

The similarity of this effect to Anjika Patel's ability, combined with the fact that Bruno stated that Anjika's ability was not intended to allow you to choose the same card that you discarded makes me think that once cannot shuffle back in the discarded will card, but I'm interested to know how others play this.
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They mean that for each of those resources you have access to (and decide to use) when performing the action, for example
from adjoining permanent event cards and/or single-use items like Sharp Stone
, you may reduce the card cost by 2. It the exact same mechanic as is used when crafting items.
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That is my preferred fix also.

Granted I have not yet played with Anjika, but I would think that removing her ability to clear cards out of item stacks would be a significant enough nerf as to make her not worth choosing to begin with. So I would agree with this -- "a different card" instead of "1 card".
Thefieryphoenix a écrit :
Maybe by the time you have wandered around and come back to that terrain
the slug has wandered off?

That's the way it I view it, since
the slug card specifically says it's not after you
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Okay, I see what you mean. Perhaps this section from page 18 of the rules needs some clarification:

Once the Exploration card has been resolved and discarded, the active player must put a XXX Adventure card into play, replacing the Exploration card.
The number of this Adventure card is shown in the numbox associated with the arrow on the Terrain card that points towards the newly opened space.

I always interpreted it as "on the active player's Terrain card". I guess it could be ambiguous if you're looking at it in an abstract way, but in the context of your explorers actually walking from one area to another, it wouldn't make any sense to look at the arrow on some other terrain card that just happens to touch the exploration card on another side.

If you read the example on page 18, it says
... Bruno takes the 009 Adventure card, associated with the arrow visible on his Terrain card...

This makes it more clear, but it should be in the actual rules text I think.
It's not an error at all.

If you take the north exit from the gold 446 you will reveal a permanent event which connects to the cards to the south and east of it, and once dealt with (the direction from which you approach it doesn't matter) will be replaced with 368.
Excellent, thank you!
Has anyone sleeved all the cards (black + white + 8 expansions) in thin sleeves (e.g. Mayday 40 microns, 100 per pack)? If so, can you fit them all in the 6 trays? Could you share some pictures?

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When you say you "flip a card", do you mean flipping an exploration card as the result of a successful pathfind action? If so, then that is still happening in the consequence step of the pathfind action's resolution, so you would discard after choosing your serenity card.

I'm not sure if you were citing adventure card 71 as working differently from the card you're asking about, but just clarify: for that you would also discard immediately because the only way the card can be revealed is during the consequence step of the action that tells you to take the adventure card, so again the hand limit step will happen right after you pick your card.