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A strange machinery mysteriously watches your actions and gestures on the continent…

:icon_succes: Presentation
Curious Observer is a Print’n’Play fanmade mini expansion, in a similar way as “Path of Repentance” or “Comfort Creatures”.

:icon_succes: Description
- 18 cards in a half size format of 5.4x8cm;
- Compatible with both Classic and Collector editions;
- Compatible with all others expansions;
- May be add at start or even during a game;

:icon_succes: Why such card format ?
The cards are in Catan-like size format to fit the expansion on 2 sheets only, and still be sleeved.

:icon_succes: How to get it?
Click here to download the pdf

:icon_hand_orange:Thanks to use the spoiler tags to discuss about its content.:icon_hand_orange:

Enjoy !

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Du fanmade pour 7th Citadel ? Bien sur que j'y travaille ;-)
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