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Minor Spoiler for Facing the Elements card 515

1: Use Reminder to get other Reminder from the discard pile.

2: Use Astral Mist(515) to put Forewarned is Forearmed on top of Action Deck

3: Do different action and get automatic 3 successes

4: Rinse and Repeat
In step 1 you just replace Remember in hand with Remember from discard pile, what's the point?
I cannot see in which step do you add F&F to your hand again from discard?
The trick is valid !

As the :action_condition::action_think: icon on Astral Mist is brown, you need to find an :action_think: Action to do.
That's why you indefinitly want to switch Reminder for another one.

F&F go on the top of the deck.
You launch an action (step 3) et draw F&F for 3 success.
You should keep this card in hand (caution: you can keep only 1 card).
Your hand come back at the initial state, with 1 Remember + F&F in hand, and 1 Remember in discard pile.
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