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Minor Spoiler for Facing the Elements card 515

1: Use Reminder to get other Reminder from the discard pile.

2: Use Astral Mist(515) to put Forewarned is Forearmed on top of Action Deck

3: Do different action and get automatic 3 successes

4: Rinse and Repeat
You'll notice that once an item is crafted only the bottom half of the card contains usable abilties, so when you combine cards you make sure the bottom half of all of them is visible so you can use the abilities of all cards that are combined, the top half of the top card is only used for marking combined durability for the entire set. If you had a knife with 2 uses left and a stick with 3 uses left and you combined them you would basically have any combination of 5 uses of either the stick or the knife.

Hopefully that answers your question.
How did I only just notice the goat easter egg!?
Oniony, regrettably, I can also see your avatar ;)
I can't wait to find that Goat!
Could we get a separate set of Errata that only tells the Type, Side, Color, number, and ID of the erroneous Cards?

That way we can have it printed out as a reference to tell us when to look at the full Errata which will help prevent inadvertent spoilers.

Thank you.