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When you are on card 374, you can take the investigate action to get card 384. This is a permanent event with the portcullis that can be opened with the rope. If you successfully open the portcullis, you get card 394, which is a maze (also a permanent event) that replaces 384. When you navigate the maze, you place a "bridge" card - either 418 or 428, depending which part of the maze you chose - where 394 was, and then take card 402 and place your figure(s) on it. When you're ready, you can then move back across the "bridge" card (either 418 or 428) back to where you started on 374.

At this point, 374 and 402 are still in place, with the permanent event "bridge" (418 or 428) connecting them. However, you are now able to take the investigate action on 374 again - the one that shows the closed portcullis... even though you already opened the portcullis and walked through that hallway!

Should cards 418 and 428 have the gold investigate action on their right-facing permanent event arrows indicating that the investigate action can no longer be taken on card 374 (since the portcullis is already open)? Is this an (admittedly very minor) error, or am I missing something?
Is there a way to get both sides of the card posted so that it can be printed more easily? For all 3 WGUMCD cards, the errata section PDFs just show one side. However, the other 2 individual cards' forum posts have a Droplr link that contains both sides.