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The card number at the front is 170. Also if you could let me know what the text should say, I plan on writing the correction on the card.
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I just got my new replacement cards for misprint... "on the right track?" Or a0585 shows for the newest card both
differences. Seems like the reprint of this card has a new error on it.
Question 1:
- In a 2 player game, how many fires can be used/on the board for a game? It says in the setup rules that "Each player takes their character's figure and one fire figure." Does that means that on a 2 player game, only 2 fires will ever be on the board? Unless you reset your map, then you get your fire figure back, and only then you can make more fires?

Question 2:
- In a 2 player game, can the same person make a fire twice on the same map? For example, if the same person has 2 fire making cards, and the board hasn't been reset, could they make the fire twice, or because of the rule "Each player takes their character's figure and one fire figure", that requires 2 different players of making each their own fire?

Question 3:
- In a 2 player game, what happens if you have placed your 2 fires on the board and you want to make a 3rd one? Are you required to reset the board first, to get your fire figure back? Or can you move your fire figure from the last location on the board and place it on the new location, without needing to reset the map?