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Apologies first if this has already been discussed. I feel certain that it's come up before, although I wasn't able to find it addressed by any of the numbered cards.

I'm looking for clarification on the resolution of the temporary event card 025. The sequence that led to this card is 007 > 018 > 025. The temporary event is about a
shark attack
. When successfully resolved it has each character draw a 103 card but does not call for another exploration card to replace it. Presumably, the 025 card gets put in "The Past" after it's resolved, but this leaves the action available on the 007 terrain card, and no more 018 cards remain, so the action is a dead end.

In other cases actions that have been resolved in this way leave a permanent event card which indicates that the action may no longer be taken, e.g. 007 > 011 > 139 (pictured). Is this an oversight in the game or am I missing something?