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This is a situation where the construction:

Choose 1 card with the keyword aggressiveness in the Discard Pile. If you discard a card with the keyword stealth from your hand, you may add the chosen card to your hand.

...seems like it gets the intention across?
Explore thoroughly. :) That little island has most of the important mechanics of the game on it; it's kind of nice that way. Everything you need to get where you're going is hidden around there. And remember, your clue card is a very useful hint about how you need to progress.
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The flower icon... I don't have on my A0341; I'm going to guess you're just looking at the spigot handle in the artwork?

The flags are one of the core mechanics in the game. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you're starting with The Crystal's Song; if you're starting with The Voracious Goddess, this still applies, but maybe not as easily visible from where you are. Anyways.

You've noticed the 021:flag_blue_sm:[cogwheels], obviously. What you're going to be doing now is looking at the cards you have... on Tutorial Island, they'll have gone into your Journal, looking for matching symbols on blue flags. They'll look like :flag_blue_sm:[symbol] + [number]. If you're doing any Curse besides The Crystal's Song, you'll see a purple version of the same thing on your Clue card.

When you are told to go to a card number and there's a flag attached, if you have a card that matches the symbol shown, you add the number shown on the matching card to the number previously called for. So, for example, if you're told to pull card 152:flag_blue_sm:[banana], and you have a card you've already picked up that says :flag_blue_sm:[banana] + 12, then you have the choice to, instead of pulling 152, pulling 164. I've made this example up, of course, but I think it should illustrate clearly.

A purple flag :flag_curse_sm: will always be linked to a Curse. A blue flag will never be linked to a Curse, it'll be something you find elsewhere and always have access to, no matter what Curse you're playing.
I'm looking forward to delving into the whole thing, myself. I've had a lot of trouble getting this to the table with my gaming group, though I might have more luck now that the white box has arrived; I'm perfectly happy to have every letter A-K in my box, even if the only curse I've actually been to the end of is Voracious Goddess (well, and
Path of Repentance given what happens if you don't beat the clock
), simply because that means I'm going to see a lot of new stuff.

Good lord, but the Flying Roots are obnoxious on Tutorial Island and Turtle Island, though...
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1 of the main white curses.

A Beacon in the Night doesn't have any issues playing nice with any other curses (besides, obviously, The Crystal's Song), and A Prison of Clouds and Armageddon are perfectly happy with one another. The Veins of the Earth is the only real problem. :)
Are the cards the same size? I seem to remember that the first round of the reprint base game had the wrong card size, so it wouldn't match up properly; some of those were still left over and getting shipped out as part of wave 2.

If there's no overlap at all between the sets, then it's possible something wonky happened. It's hard to say without knowing what exactly you got. I'd suggest double-checking the card IDs; the black box should have cards from A0001 to A0962.

Also, remember that the white box is different, that one runs from K1426 to K1927.
Not broken. :) There is a way out of the loop, you just have to look a bit closer.

Get out your magnifier and check out K1733.
It sounds like you *can* do 11+1 curses (counting
the Pocket Watch
), but The Crystal's Song has to be left out, and mixing the two 677-start curses with the 396-start one is a bad idea if you don't really really know your way around the place.
Well, this is a few new wrinkles, to say the least.

First question, which I'm surprised hadn't come up by now, is what to do with The Crystal's Song if we want to mix it into a multi-curse run.
The ending card for that Curse has a scoring indicator, but nothing that says what to do when you're done with it.
Is this one intended to be there purely as a basic tutorial, and not as something that can be mixed with other curses?

Second, related to the same curse, we now have instructions to
choose one of multiple starting locations
. If we are, in fact, able to mix The Crystal's Song in with other curses, will the
starting location available on it override higher-numbered starting locations on other Curses, or do we instead defer to the curse with the set starting location?

Third, and rather more interesting, is what to do with
A Prison of Clouds, The Veins of the Earth, and Armageddon
The rule up until now has always been to take the lowest number available as a starting location on any of the curses you take. However, these three all have a new type of setup instruction that hasn't been seen before. On A Prison of Clouds and Armageddon, the card says
"No matter how many curses you are playing with, begin the adventure by putting a 677 card into play."
The Veins of the Earth has the same wording, but
instructs you to start on a 396 card instead.
If playing any combination with A Prison of Clouds and/or Armageddon, the intended behavior seems clear. Likewise, playing any combination with The Veins of the Earth is clear. The problem comes up when you mix those two groups together, as you now have multiple cards instructing you to do mutually-exclusive things. So, the question:
What is the intended starting location when you have both The Veins of the Earth and either or both of A Prison of Clouds and Armageddon in play?