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I experimented with different sleeves including ones from MTL and Mayday Games (via Amazon or ebay). The ones that I found the best value are from docsmagic (here). They are available via Amazon also, but I think they are less expensive on their own homepage. These are thick, sturdy sleeves that make for a very nice shuffling experience.
However, I have the base game and the WGUMCD expansion (~1170 cards) and the two boxes are almost full with all of these cards sleved.
You might prefer to only put all action cards into these thick ones and have the rest be in thinner (and cheaper) ones like these.
If you are interested, I could post a video of the "premium" sleves later and how they handle.
I can confirm this. Using the replacement cards, I can clearly identify
the Curse cards in the action deck
How about you read some of the other topics first instead of opening a new one. This question has been answered many times.
The short answer is no. Maybe you'll get lucky and get one of the few leftover copies that will be sold on this site at some point.
Otherwise you will have to check the secondary market.
I got the 2nd edition rookie pledge. I'm missing all of the small extensions such as icy maze etc. Do you knwo if there will be any of those for sale?