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on a [A0362] card there is an action I can take:

In the numbox bunner there are two icons which I'm not sure how to understand. The result card (21) suggests that I need two items with coresponding icons:
At second glance, it seems to take two gearwheels to restart the engine.
. Unfortunately there is nothing in the rules suggesting that this might happen (it is only mentioned that one could use an item not items.

I have an item in my inventory with one of these icons:

Can I use it on this action? Card [A0348] suggest I could. It is numbered 27 which is equal 21 + 6 (as if I used an item) and it correctly references [A0362] on its front. If I can't use it here should I have two items with corresponding icon each? Or should I look for an actual item with both icons on it?


I actually took [A0348] and now I guess that I indeed need two items and I need to add both values from them. Is this a case?

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