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IthilAlqua wrote:
I haven't played it yet (PNP is ludicrously expensive here, my friends are planning on printing the 2 fan expansions for my birthday) but I started the rule-book and noticed 2 things: 1. In the first sentence it says "thrird" instead of "third". 2. It says not to read the second page, but the second page is set-up, you need to read it. Thank you for creating this! 3. Please update here when you have a final version!

1. Thanks for pointing out the typo!

2. The reason I mentioned not reading the second page is so that people who wish to play TLE but are not setting it up themselves can avoid spoilers. If you're setting up TLE yourself you will obviously have to read the second page, but some parts of TLE will be spoiled for you from accidentally reading the cards and swapping out the required cards.
Firstly, all :action_empty: MUST have an associated :card_blue::icon_succes: skill check. Using that assumption, and having seen similar cards before, I think I know what's going on.

The first two :action_mandatory: Actions both apply to the first :card_blue::icon_succes:. This would mean that, in the event that you were not paranoid, you could choose either of the first 2 :action_mandatory: Actions to carry out but they would have the same :card_blue: requirements and require the same number of :icon_succes: to succeed. (It could have been laid out better so that the associated :card_blue::icon_succes: were clearly associated with both :action_mandatory:)

However, if you were paranoid, then you would only be able to take the third :action_mandatory: Action, which would come with its own set of :card_blue::icon_succes: which would probably be different from the first :card_blue::icon_succes: that was associated with the first two :action_mandatory: Actions.
Most of the standard curses (with the exception of "The Voracious Goddess", which is one of the "introductory curses") require some knowledge of the 7th Continent's geography. If you don't know where you are meant to go, it is likely that either you haven't been to that location yet or you haven't interacted with the required thing in that location. Either way, keep exploring - it will also help you with future curses as you will come across things that will be required for them. (I like to think of it less as "aimless exploring" and more "preparing myself for future curses")

Once you have opened the chest, you will need to find a place where there is lava if I recall correcly. There are two locations in which you can find lava: one location is underground, the other is in an alternate dimension.

Feel free to reply if the clue is too vague :-)
The sleeve size needed for the cards are 80mmx80mm, so just buy sleeves from any card-sleeve-making company of that size :-) Obviously there will be people who are better informed than me on the merits/drawbacks of the different brands - hopefully some of them will give more helpful advice on that front

(I've heard rumours that the sleeves used in this KS are Mayday Premium sleeves, not sure how true they are though)
Pitossini wrote:
Hi Menura ! It's a great idea and very nice job, congrats ! Are you ok for a French version, without change ?

Hi Pistossini! A French version would be cool :D' However what I've uploaded is still a prototype, so it might be best to wait for the final version to be done before we look at translating. I'll get in touch when I get to that stage.
Crow wrote:
I plan to playtest this alongside Dill's Lost and Found to see if it cooperates with other expansions.

That sounds like a great idea! (I don't have much information as to how "Lost & Found" works, so it'll be pretty cool if they can be played together)
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Update: The prototype has been updated! I've added artwork and some goat-related cards.

Download link: click here!

1907. As the descendant of many a brave adventurer, you have heard the tales of the fabled 7th Continent – an unexplored isle where many explorers had journeyed to, but from which none have returned. Ghosts of disappeared family members and warnings against searching for this cursed land have been weaved into your family history. 

Your best friend, an aspiring explorer like you, was born with the unique ability to convey images and sounds from their mind into those of others. After a childhood filled with hijinks and mischief, the two of you drifted apart when they joined the Navy. A year ago, you received a letter from them, detailing their desire to find the 7th Continent. Despite your pleas, they embarked upon a foolhardy journey, and your correspondence halted. Until now.

"The Lost Explorer" is a fan-made expansion that I have been working on for the past few months. With the WCUMCD expansion and others coming out next year, I figured I wouldn't have been the only one who had already played through all of the curses in the base box. If you're looking for a curse with a narrative (of sorts), or a really long curse, or just something to tide you over until next year, then please have a look at (and/or a play of) TLE :-)

Note that this expansion is unlikely to be compatible with Dill's Lost and Found expansion (which you should also check out!) unless you're very familiar with both expansions. Thanks to Crow for testing this!

What's it about?

Without revealing any spoilers, TLE tells the story of an explorer who was brought to the 7th Continent not by a curse, but by a distress call from them. This friend had been cursed by the 7th Continent and foolishly travelled there alone to lift the curse, only to run into trouble.

Besides saving your friend, throughout TLE you could learn about the following:
• Which other explorers also fell victim to this cursed land?
• Why do the local inhabitants keep trying to kill you?
• How does the 7th Continent continues to lure explorers to their doom despite its reputation?
All of this will no doubt be declared non-canon with the release of the WGUMCD expansion, so just think of it as an alternate universe ;-)

What makes "The Lost Explorer" different from the other curses?

Aside from the fact that it's fan-made (duh), one of the main features is that it is a "mega-curse" - although it is a curse in itself, TLE will also incorporate curses from the base box of "The 7th Continent". As such, TLE is not designed to be played alongside any other curses, especially those included in the base box. I can't speak for the expansion curses; I'm a 2nd ed. KS backer, so I didn't have any of the expansion curses to playtest with. If you have any expansions, you're welcome to try playing them alongside TLE - let me know how it goes!

Furthermore, I tried to make TLE and "open world" curse, if you will. While the finale of the curse will always be the same, there are multiple different quests you can take along the way. Will you go for the long grind, uncovering secrets and acquiring allies to maximise your chances of winning? Or will you forsake your curiosity in search of an alternate ending? Speaking of which, there are multiple endings one can achieve in TLE outside of the standard "drew a Curse card from the discard pile" Game Over. Try to find them all!

Finally, TLE will contain more narrative than is typically seen in T7C curses. This was mostly because I had too much fun writing the flavour text and giving the NPCs personalities :D'

How long does this curse take? How hard is it?

The amount of time that TLE takes can vary - it could be shorter than "The Dark Chest of the Damned" (if you know where to go and you're into taking huge risks or using the 777 card) or it could be longer than playing all 4 curses from the base box at once (if you want to play the long game and reduce the risk of losing).

It is recommended that players complete "The Voracious Goddess" at the very least prior to taking on TLE. In terms of survivability, this curse is designed to increase in difficulty as the players progress. If you complete absolutely everything before lifting the curse, then this difficulty increase will be very gradual (it'd certainly be easier than just trying to play all of the curses in parallel); with enough grinding, it could even become non-existent. However, if you try to take shortcuts, the adventure could potentially go from easy to nightmare very, very quickly.

What's available at the moment?

Right now, there's a PnP prototype available - click the link at the top of the post. Included in the .zip file is a rulebook of sort detailing how to set up the PnP cards and the game box in order to play TLE, as well as the actual PnP cards themselves. To avoid spoilers, it is recommended that you don't read past the first page of the rulebook and that you get someone else to print and cut out the cards, as well as setting up the game box for play.

The prototype is 100% playable, although the final version may contain some edits, depending on feedback. I will most likely be revising over my own writing, in particular the various names I've used - I'd like to think that I'm not too terrible a writer, but I am absolutely horrendous at naming things.

How can I help make TLE better?

What I would appreciate most would be for people to read over the rulebook and PnP cards, just to see if there are any mistakes, or if there is anything that could be clarified or rewritten. What I would also love is for some playtesting to happen, so that I would know if the clues are at the right level of difficulty and if the game was balanced overall, but as the curse could take some time to play, I'm not expecting a lot of volunteers for that. (I've done some quick playtesting; the cards do connect properly and the curse doesn't seem to be unbeatable, but feedback from people other than myself would be great.)

What about...?

If you have any other questions, please comment below! (Please use spoiler tags if you are referring to things in the cards or in the spoilery sections of the rulebook.) I may update this opening post to include the answers to more questions if there are any.