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Am I missing hints as to where to go after opening the chest? I know -what- I am looking for but can find no hints as to -where- to go to find it. Am I really just supposed to roam around aimlessly until I find it? To be clear we opened the chest...did the we need to find the final location.

If that is the case please tell me that the rest of the standard curses are not like that. Aimless exploring is not entertaining.

Most of the standard curses (with the exception of "The Voracious Goddess", which is one of the "introductory curses") require some knowledge of the 7th Continent's geography. If you don't know where you are meant to go, it is likely that either you haven't been to that location yet or you haven't interacted with the required thing in that location. Either way, keep exploring - it will also help you with future curses as you will come across things that will be required for them. (I like to think of it less as "aimless exploring" and more "preparing myself for future curses")

Once you have opened the chest, you will need to find a place where there is lava if I recall correcly. There are two locations in which you can find lava: one location is underground, the other is in an alternate dimension.

Feel free to reply if the clue is too vague :-)
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