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Hi all

I don't know of o missed this in the rules but can't seem to find any info or clarification.

Mud Bath (A0248) is revealed. Does the card stay in play, how does it work?
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Welcome to the forum Laughinelama ! :-)

You have a question about an Exploration card of the Area VII :card_grey: which I display a screenshoot here :

You can see 4 brown arrows on each side of the card, exactly like the back side of any Exploration card.
Theses brown arrows connect this Permanent event to the 4 Terrain card around it.
So, you can use effects :action_condition: and action :action_empty: from any of these Terrains.
The Mud bath stay into play as long as you decide to use the action :action_pathfind:1+:card_blue:/0:icon_succes: . Then, you apply the rule :exploration_into_adventure: : discard the card and replace by the correct Adventure card :card_green:.

1st effect :
It could be nice to change a :action_move: action into a :action_swim: action, for exemple if you have an Object that will help you (the raft for example). The cost and the consequence of the original action :action_move: stay the same.

2nd effect :
you can also use the :action_condition::action_be_stealthy: effect from you terrain card to help any :action_be_stealthy: action.

Is it clear now ?
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