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Hi, I think I have found a possible error in this card.
The previous card (A0909/415) you have the possibility to fail the action (jump the hole) , then you take the card A0730/272.
It is a temporary event so when you perform it successfully, it goes to the past.
The consequence of successfully performing the card 272 is to return to 415 and you can fail the test again but if you fail, the card 272 is in the past so you can not fail or has no consequence (?).
I think it would be fixed like this:
on card 272, in the white success box put after the text: "return this card".

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Hi ! Welcome to this forum ! :-)

There's no error. You just forgot a item of the rule:
Rulebook - Page 14 wrote:
If no card with that number is available:
The active player must immediately return ALL the Adventure cards in the Past to their place in the Adventure Deck and shuffle all the Exploration cards in the Past back into the Exploration Deck. They then take the newly available card as explained above.
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Thank you for your response!
You are absolutely right. You can delete the post if u want ;)
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