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Hi, if I am Blind (card effect 800), can I still use an Item that only has one pip remaining? The wording on the card is slightly unclear. It says that the durability has to be above 0, but that would always be the case as any item with durability of 0 would have already been discarded in a previous action, because you have to apply the additional -1 pip at the Item stage of the action.

Example, I want to eat and I have three food in a stack with 3 pips. I choose to eat, I have to decrease the pips to 1 and can only eat 1 card. So now I have two cards left with 1 pip. Can I choose to eat again, reduce the pips to 0, eat 1 card, the. The whole stack is discarded as 0 pips left?


Forums/ The 7th Continent/ Card effect3 posts