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While playing the Icy Maze as Frankenstein and Keelan McCluskey, my husband and I stumbled on an exploitable infinite loop involving card 501.

Card 501 provides access to the following repeatable action:
:action_think::card_blue:0+/:icon_succes:2: One involved character may choose 1 :icon_hand_blue: card in the Action Deck or the Discard Pile and add it to their hand.

With both Mad Scientist (:icon_succes: on :action_think: actions) and Scholar (:card_blue:-1 and/or :icon_succes: on :action_decipher::action_think::action_take: actions) in our respective hands, we were able to repeatedly pull the following cards into our hands:

Examine the Notes (A0069)
:action_decipher::card_blue:1/:icon_succes:1: Take 2 050 cards, keep one and return the other

Knowledge is Power (A0062)
:action_think::card_blue:1/:icon_succes:1: Take 1 003 card

With the aforementioned character skills in hand, we were able to succeed every one of these actions at 0 cost, allowing us to draw every 003 and 050 card in the game.
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In addition, you can
craft any item here with a help of few :card_blue:-3 cards and since you can get all :card_pick:050 cards you can buy all Advanced skill :icon_hand_blue: cards using the A0396 :card_pick:050 card.

The other card that can help to exploit this is
Lovecraft's Dark whispers (A0091): :card_blue:-1 and/or :icon_succes::icon_succes_7: on :action_think::action_orientate::action_pray: actions.
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