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Android app has disappeared from the Google store. Is this issue being addressed or is All Seeing Eye now effectively inaccessible to anyone who hasn't previously installed it?
Could you please clarify whether you can still support the app and if so, for how long are you committed to do it? I presume Google will continue to update their rules and software at unpredictable times, so keeping the app available and running is going to be a continuous effort on your part.

Thank you!
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So my friend still has it installed and we used an APK Extractor app to try to get an APK we can install. Unfortunately I'm not sure it worked, when I install it on my phone it asks for permissions and has the right icon, but just shows a black screen.

If you think its worth a try:

Edit: That's definitely no good. Somebody posted this more promising link to BGG but it also is not working for me...
Hello ! :-)

Thank you for this information.

Serious Poulp was not warned by Google for this strange removal ...
They are investigating to resolve the problem.

To be continued... ;)
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I got that link to work, but had to manually copy the obb file.
Forums/ Website/ Updates and Support6 posts