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Totally new here having missed the kickstarters, I'm absolutely thrilled to be able to get in on the 7th Continent action with the Classic Edition. I've pre-ordered this with WGUMCD (seems to make sense to me as it'll eventually go out of stock and I wanted Crystal Song and the satchel folder anyway). I understand the received wisdom is: "add the cards from all the expansions you have into the game before playing, it's better that way".

The cost of the two big boxes is pushing the upper limit of what I can bring myself to shell out for a single board game - but I suspect this one might work well enough for me that I might want to order The Icy Maze and the Forbidden Sanctuary at some future point if they remain available. My question is - would it be worth having those two expansions purely for the effect of mixing in their cards while playing the other curses, even if I don't get around to those curses themselves? If the difference to the experience will be significant, I might find the extra £40 from somewhere now. I also note that the recommended order for curses has Icy Maze and Sanctuary suggested before the curses in WGUMCD - will I have a hard time going from Classic Edition to WGUMCD without playing these?
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Icy Maze and Sanctuary add very little that isn't a part of their curse. A small handful of 050s and advanced skills, nothing important. I don't know which exact cards it is but I don't think it's anything major.

The recommended order of the curses means almost nothing. You can play the curses in absolutely any order.

Some curses like Voracious Goddess give you more straightforward clues. Most others expect you to have some knowledge of the map, but you can get that knowledge from any other curse, or just by wandering around. The curses don't have a story that flows from one to the next, or clues you learn in one curse to apply in another one. At most, you have to remember where you've seen a symbol before. The only reason Icy Maze and Sanctuary are after the WGUMCD curses is because they're longer/harder/easier to die on.

Going from Classic to WGUMCD does have one other small issue though. Of the hundred-and-something cards removed from the kickstarter edition to classic, a single one
the goat
matters to a WGUMCD curse
This is pretty easily fixed by
printing out a goat and adding it to the 150s table by sleeving it in front of an Empty Handed or something
, but if you don't, as far as I know, that curse is impossible to even start in Classic.
Hi, thanks for your helpful response. Sounds like I can take them or leave them without seriously affecting my experience of the rest of the game.

I had read before about the minor incompatibility issue and that it could be solved
with a single card that could be proxied in a way that wouldn't affect gameplay
- I decided that was worth it to me. Is there a typo in your response - I thought the WGUMCD curses came earlier in the list than Icy Maze and Sanctuary?
So, apparently, the recommended order has you do the WGUMCD curses last of all. My mistake.

Crystal's Song, Voracious Goddess, and Offering to the Guardians are recommended early because they're quite a bit easier than other curses.

After that, it's all about the same. I don't really know why they chose the order they did.
Well, my favorite curses came from mini expansions: "The Icy Maze", "The Forbidden Sanctuary" and "Swamp of Madness". The latter won't be reprinted, but the other two, BRIGHTSALSA, I highly reccommend.
Thanks, Kriticizmas! I see from the shop that those curses are showing as 'available soon' (and that WGUMCD is not, so no regrets on that score), so I shall look out for them once I've given the base game a good go :-)
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Related question that probably doesn't deserve its own thread: Is there an easy way to extract just the cards needed for The Crystal Song curse from WGUMCD to be combined with the Classic Edition cards?

Context: I've received the classic edition base box and WGUMCD. Because they are a Christmas present to myself from my darling wife, they're still in their shrink wrap. I'll be visiting family for Christmas and will probably get some time to play (hurrah!). I won't have room for both big boxes in the suitcase , but I'd still like to start with The Crystal Song if I can fish the right cards out beforehand. When I get home in January I'll be able to use all the cards as normal.
Hi BrightSalsa :-)

There's no easy way to find cards related to the Cristal Song curse because, in the cards list, the IDs begin with the letter K-xxxx for all the WGUMCD expansion...
But here is 3 advices :
  • It's easy to find the Exploration cards :card_grey: for the CS curse (ID from K1454 to K1462, with the cristal symbol on it) + the clue/curse card of course.
  • You can check this old PnP version of the CS curse (in french, sorry) to identify some necessary Adventure cards :card_green: BUT don't use these old IDs. And this is not sure that the final CS curse use the same cards...
  • ===> You should bring your base box and start to play with The Voracious Goddess curse ! The first zone is perfect to learn mecanisms : if you leave this zone successfully, it's a kind of victory for a 2 hours game. ;-)
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Thank you for your response, Firebird. I think I'll take your advice and stick to the base box as you say - keeps life simple. I'm hoping my wife may give the game a try, perhaps we can do The Crystal Song together for her to learn the rules.
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