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I have noticed that H.P.Lovecraft has a "Dark side" skill card, which states " may take all the curse cards in the Discard Pile and shuffle them back into the Action Deck." The latter only makes a combo with his "Dark regeneration" skill card and character power. However, maybe someone else found any other use for this effect to be worth doing?
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If there are no curses in the discard, sudden death can't kill you. You can draw the whole deck + the whole discard pile, succeed any unlocked check for 40+ :icon_succes:, and keep your choice of any :icon_hand_blue:card.

The downside, of course, is that drawing the whole deck leaves you with an empty action deck. But if your action deck was already empty, or close to it, you can get a solid power spike out of it right before you eat. And Dark Side's a :action_condition: ability, you can trigger it repeatedly to keep the deck in this deeply-exploitable "dark side state" for longer.

Combined with a way to :action_rest: or :action_pray: indefinitely without drawing cards, (there are a few,) you have one of 7C's many infinite combos. You can put the deck into the Dark Side state repeatedly, draw the whole discard pile repeatedly, keep stuff like Examine the Notes and Knowledge is Power and play them an unlimited number of times for infinite 050s, infinite experience, etc. You can build items in any combination, buy all the advanced skills... If Anjika's in the party you can take all the non-predator 150s and 250s... Anything you can get from a :icon_hand_blue: card, pretty much, you can get in unlimited quantities. In the end, if you buy all the advanced skills, you don't even have to finish the combo with an empty deck -- if you draw the whole deck, including advanced skills, on one action, the Fit advanced skill can heal you, like, 50 cards.

Infinite combos are 100% allowed under the rules, but obviously getting infinite everything is pretty gamebreaking and probably you shouldn't use them. (Although personally I think it's worth doing at least once.) But that shouldn't stop anyone using finite uses of the Dark Side state to their full power. You can, for example, allow your action deck to run out and allow Tired to build up on the whole party. Then, before you eat, use Raft to drop Tireds one at a time, put the deck in the dark side state, get a guaranteed success on your next action and a free Remember. This way you get a few more actions out of your deck, and rather than shuffling all your best cards away where even Remember can't find them, you get to sculpt your hand before your shuffle.
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