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I am wondering if it is possible to win the game even if some bad choices are done.
So, talking about the Voracious Goddess, the curse I am very stacking into, I will make two example.

I found a Goat with a blue simbol of two horns. I was oblied to eat it so when it happens that later in the adventure I found a card with the horn simbol on it I couldn't activate the action.
Is that action important for winning the game (I mean, like if I kill the goat I have no chance to win the game) or it will just give me some bonus, but I can win the game without it?

During my exploring I found a sort of tribe man and I needed to decide if to give him food or if to fight him. I haven't any food, so I decided to fight him. It was necessary to not kill him to win the game, or I can do it without it?

Please reply to those example only with "yes you can still win" or "no, you need to do the right decision to win", without spoiling me anything, please.

Those are just examples, but I would like to know if, in general, doing a bad action make the game impossible to win.
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Andreas86m wrote:
I am wondering if it is possible to win the game even if some bad choices are done.

YES, you can still WIN !!! :-)
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There are few if any ways to softlock 7C such that a curse can't be completed. I don't think there's any way to render Goddess unbeatable, at least, not without accidentally breaking a rule. Specifically, if you forget to apply your :flag_curse_sm: banner when a card says you must, you can put VG in an unwinnable state. (Depending which redirect you missed -- some will render VG unwinnable forever, others you can fix by saving the game.)

Your first example is very close to one of the few I suspect might exist (for another curse.)
I don't think there's a backup goat, and one of the expansion curses seems to require it. I've only seen the clue card for this curse so I don't know how required it truly is, but it's the only thing the clue card does, so it seems very likely to be required. If so, I think SP's only okay with it because you know the goat is necessary from the very beginning. I don't think they'd be okay with surprising you with the knowledge that you need the goat later in the run, after you might have permanently banished it -- especially since there's no way of knowing definitively that there's only one goat and people will be tempted to hunt for one forever rather than abandoning their progress.
That is what exactly I am scared of. I found lot of :flag_curse_sm: that I couldn't apply (as I didn't have the card under the S&J that I needed) and I was scared that I could have missed it by have done some bad choices who would have brought me to not have anymore the possibility to have the object that trigger the :flag_curse_sm: ability on some cards anymore.

But, as you said neither the
choice neither the
tribe man
choice should make VG unbeatable.
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Most of those :flag_curse_sm: are for different curses. Not really a spoiler -- there's 12 curses and most of them utilize at least one :flag_curse_sm: so, it's safe to say you only care about a few of them and won't be able to get access to the rest this run.

If a curse requires you to use :flag_curse_sm: on a card you can only see once, like the contents of a treasure chest, it will always be a :flag_curse_sm: on a clue card you had from the beginning of the run, and it will always say "you must" rather than "you may." There are plenty of :flag_curse_sm: banners that you get during the game rather than from your clue cards, but the cards you use them on are cards you can visit more than once. The idea is that you can find the place to use the banner, see that you need a banner, go get the banners, and then come back and use them. A good relatively spoiler-free example of this is
the gear wheels on tutorial island. This example is not perfect because it is possible to banish the card that lets you use the gear :flag_blue_sm: without using them. If this puzzle were required for a curse, it would not be possible to fail it permanently.

They avoid using banners you find in game on cards you only see once, at least on curse-required content, presumably because of exactly this soft lock issue. If there was a lock you could only touch once, and a key you might not find before seeing it, the game becomes unwinnable if you happen to find the lock before the key. There wouldn't even be a way to communicate to the player that they'd lost, short of printing "If there is a clue card called "The Voracious Goddess" in your satchel and journal, your adventure ends here" on the non-banner-redirected outcome of the lock. SP's solution was simple -- no locks you can only touch once, at least, none in front of curse required content.
There is some ways to loose a game. But when it happens, you are quite aware of it (as you are something like dead and it is written that your adventure ends here). If nothing told you that your adventure ends, you are still alive and you could win. You might need to rest (in the game), to replenish the card box of discarded ones (not the banished) but you are still well. :)
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