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Definitely still interested in feedback, thank you!

All 10 point to real places, and if you don't know them pretty well this is probably impossible.

Top to bottom is a good guess, but, incorrect.

It is far less complex than anything involving the numbers of cards found at each location.
You played correctly.

You can turn in Still Standing whenever you meet the requirement. It isn't an action and doesn't take any time.

You meet that requirement for a couple whole phases between resolving Valiant Hearts in Results and then dropping it in Consequences. That's plenty of time to turn in Still Standing.

Even if you took the tired during Consequences, and taking and dropping the state happened "all at once" you would have a chance, I think. You get to choose the order of simultaneous consequences like that, and meeting the requirement even momentarily is good enough for Still Standing.

This was a good question. The timing rules for non-:action_empty: or :action_condition: are pretty much nonexistent in the rulebook, but my understanding is that abilities without boxes and without rules text specifying what phase(s) they can be used in can be used literally at any time. (This is stuff like Frankenstein's ability as well as the abilities on Side Quests.)
Exciting! I'll have to update the unofficial!

A good bit of stuff has changed from the kickstarter I think.
Glad it's not missing!
If you have a new copy of the game, it most likely got stuck to another card while you were filing everything away for the first time, which would mean it would be found at a slightly-wrong index somewhere near 183, probably still stuck to something. This has happened to me several times.

If it really is missing, you can contact SP from this page, they probably have an extra for you: https://the7thcontinent.seriouspoulp.com/en/about/contact

Meanwhile, since you would probably like to go North today:

Not only are the the two terrain cards pictured not adjacent, they are not even connected for the purposes of the :move_arrow: action.

Adjacent just means physically adjacent.
Returning the past on save rather than on load, as JackSpirio suggests, is a good idea.
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Files link is 404.

I'm trying now and the link in the first post works for me.
(I made sure I was not logged to my google account, still works)

Works for me
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Why is there only a 000 and a 100 divider?
The cards go up to 430

They do, but only about half of them are after 100. I believe Dill figured that splitting them in half was good enough, given that it's only about a hundred cards total.

SP actually did something similar --- 777 in the black box goes behind the 650 divider because there isn't a 700 or a 750, because there's no point in having a divider for only one or two cards. WGUMCD adds more dividers, but not all the way to 950, and it adds a 999 card.
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Cool idea.

What sort of content are you hoping for? Strategy guides? Curse walkthroughs? Records of the random tables?

Fandom's a really shit website, squeezes advertising past adblock and stuff. Have you considered a different host?
I'd play that you get to choose which order to apply them, but I don't have anything from the rulebook to back that up. It's just what I do in general, in any game -- if there are two effects that apply at the same time where the order matters and the order is unclear, the person controlling the effects chooses the order. In multiplayer games that can still be ambiguous if the effects are controlled by different players and you have to extend this rule with stuff about active players, but in a co-op like this it's never an issue.

This will not be the only timing ambiguity you face in 7C. We have the phases of an action, and we know that actions are one at a time, so anything that makes us take an action finishes the action phases for the current action before it starts them for the next one, but that's all we have. Many effects cause complicated resolution strings within a single phase, with effects that draw and process multiple new cards, choices and costs for the player, etc. Hunting's a good example. And for effects like that, we don't have any low-level timing rules. There's no formal stack or queue of effects and no formal definition of what would count as a single effect within a stack or queue.

We also don't have any timing rules for things that aren't actions, like the activated abilities on character cards. Most of them specify a phase of an action where they work, but some of them, like Frankenstein's ability, or the Vampolina botany card
that lets you return aggressiveness cards
don't have any timing information whatsoever. I believe the intention is that these abilities can be used literally whenever, but a common interpretation is that they can only be used between actions.

In the end, the answer to these questions makes a very small difference to the balance of a co-op game where it doesn't matter. If there's ambiguous timing, you can just decide if you want to rule in favor of the game being easier or harder, and then that's the right answer for you.
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It is a misconception that Crystals Song can't be played in a 12 curse run.

It wasn't designed to be, and because of that it has some serious and unusual implications that make a 12-curse run extremely difficult. But it is neither nonfunctional nor impossible.

It works exactly like the cards say it works.

If you run out of Crystal fogs, you draw the Crystal's Song ending card, and your adventure is over. It's a minor victory akin to
History of the Continent
and doesn't count as lifting your other 11 curses, so if you let that happen, you won't be able to finish your 12-curse run.

If you want to lift all 12 curses for a proper 12-curse finish, Crystal's Song has to be last. This is an endeavor of it's own, since Crystal fogs mostly banish themselves and there are only 10 of them. Basically, you have to place them on spaces you know you don't have to go immediately (to avoid flipping them) and every 10 terrain cards (or if you ever put one in a space you need to flip) you need to save and return them all so you don't run out. There are a few places, most notably Turtle Island, that can force you to use your Crystal Fogs unavoidably. Identify these places and avoid them for as long as possible, because every trip to Turtle Island irreparably shortens your Crystal Fog lifeline, forcing you to save even more frequently.

To do the 12-curse run, you must finish the whole 11-curse run under those restrictions, and then finish Crystal's Song.

Is this a fun run? I haven't done it. Honestly it's probably a lot more frustrating than 11-curse, but not more fun. But it's challenging, serious, and weird, and if you want to play a die-hard all-curses-all-expansions run, it exists. Personally, I think it's very cute that the shortest and easiest curse in the game presents arguably the longest and hardest challenge of 12-curse.

If that sounds odious to you, but you still want to play 12-curse with Crystal's Song, an easy house rule is that when you lift Crystal's Song you banish the Crystal's Song clue and any Crystals from your Satchel & Journal pile. DO NOT banish the Crystal's Song curse card itself, you never banish named Curses when you lift them. If you wanted to house rule in some XP or card reward for completion, like most other curses have, you could, but Crystal's Song is so much less effort than any other curse, I wouldn't make it too high.
Something I thought to add last night:

If you're planning on tackling the curses one at a time, something to think about:

If you mix in everything at the start, it won't be obvious what new cards pertain to the expansion you just added and which ones are not. Much as you could find trailheads and clues from other curses while you were doing VG for the first time, you will be able to find bits of other expansions while you do, say, Icy Maze.

If you mix them in one a time, you'll have a fairly good heuristic that anything you don't recognize is probably just added and therefore relevant to your curse. Personally I think this sort of side-channel information is undesirable, and it is better to mix in everything and have those irrelevant clues and currently-useless mysteries to discover, but a strong case could be made that these are distractions from the curse you're playing and spoilers for the curse to which they belong. If that's your view, you should mix them in one at a time as you play them. Still no need to remove them when you're done, though.
I'd estimate that there are hidden numbers on 10% of terrain cards, maybe a little less. Few if any are ever required to progress a curse, but yes, you're missing a lot!
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(Replied to this thread by mistake, carry on.)
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Hello, This may be a super dumb question and potentially in the wrong spot on this forum :)

So, I just got my WGUMCD 2nd box expansion in the mail as well as all the expansions and am busy opening everything. My question is that with all the expansions it seems all the cards are labelled in such a way that they are meant to be mixed in the big box only when you play that specific curse, would this be correct? Or can I mix all the new cards I have into box 1 & 2 and play any curse I want at any time?

Thanks in advance!

Short answer is you can mix in everything and never have to remove anything. Certainly you are not expected to play the expansions one at a time and sort out expansion cards between plays.

Long answer:
So, there's two kinds of expansions.

WGUMCD, Icy Maze, Swamp of Madness, and The Forbidden Sanctuary are Curse expansions. They add a new curse, a new area more or less only accessible to that curse, and only a few miscellaneous cards to the fog decks and various other tables like 050s. If you don't start with the clue card for the curse in question, most of the cards in the expansion can't even be reached. There's not really a reason to remove one of these expansions -- even if you disliked the curse there isn't much reason to remove the expansion instead of just not playing that curse again, because they don't really change that much unless you're playing that curse.

The remaining expansion (Fear the Devourers, Facing the Elements, Path of Repentance, Flying Roots, Comfort Creatures) are non-Curse expansions. Rather than adding new curses and new areas, they try to shake up the core gameplay by adding new mechanics to existing areas, Mostly this means they add Fog cards. They change a lot more about other curses, and it is conceivable you might dislike one and want to sort it back out.

Path of Repentance and to an extent Flying Roots have setup options to disable them without having to sort out the expansion cards from the rest of the game. Facing the Elements, Comfort Creatures, and Fear the Devourers do not. If you want to play without one of these expansions, you'll have to sort out the cards, or just banish them and draw another of the same number whenever you draw a card from that expansion.

Comfort Creatures seems to be very low-key, and Facing the Elements is well-liked by almost everyone, but Fear the Devourers has some detractors, I think because it's hard and random about when it gets hard, I'm not sure. But, that's probably the one you're most likely to want to sort out.
That's good news indeed! Shame about the password I guess.
I doubt the app is required content for a curse just b/c they can't count on everybody being able to use it. If the app is just associated with some random 350 item or something, it can just say "if you don't have a smartphone, banish this and take another 350" or similar, so there's little or no disruption to the game. If it's required to complete a curse, and a player without a smartphone gets to that point in the curse, that player's just stuck -- potentially hours into a curse that was otherwise going fine. I doubt they'd consider that acceptable, even if 95% of players have a way to install the app. (Could be a lot less than that -- AFAIK they haven't even gotten Apple to approve it yet so for the time being it's Android exclusive.)

Beacon in the Night does make good thematic sense though, it's a fun theory.
As far as I know, Serious Poulp's just 3 guys.

It's one thing to round all the KS numbers up to the nearest thousand and fill up somebody's garage with extra copies and spend a month or two boxing and mailing them out.

It's quite another to rent a warehouse space and hire a new employee just to pack boxes, which is what would be required to keep it in stock on the web store long-term.

I don't think it's so much that they think there isn't demand for them and they'll be stuck with gazillions of extra copies as just that running a shipping company seems like a pain in the ass and they want to spend their limited time working on their next game instead.

The demand for retail copies would be demand for a reprint on Kickstarter, too. Officially that is Not Gonna Happen but, the second Kickstarter basically happened because the demand was clearly there for it, so I don't think it's impossible. If they truly are leaving a ton of money on the table by not keeping this game available at retail, they'll do a third printing in a couple years and collect some of it. Wouldn't make sense not to.

They've said they don't want to expand 7C further, and the next game will use the same basic rules but a brand new setting. A reprint, if one were to emerge, probably wouldn't happen until after that goes to print at the earliest. Perhaps they'd even think of some new small stuff to do on the Continent in that time, perhaps not. There wouldn't be anything wrong with a reprint with no new content.

That's pure speculation anyway. There's no official plans for a reprint.