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Some of us are expecting!!! Hahahaha
Sleeves included?
And it is possible, at least, receive the core box with sleeves in wave 1? And the notebook?
Yes! I did as well! I managed my pledge manager (thanks a lot Sarah, whereever you are).
I have added all the expansions, sleeves, dices, etc,. So now I have the Rookie + Full Gameplay Bundle. But, just some simple questions:
- I just have charged the late pledge, not the extras added in the pledge manager. This will be charged when the data of fullfiment surveys ends?
- I read that the late pledge backers we will have the SG of the Black box from the 2015 KS campaign instad of the 2017 KS Campaing. Is it real? In case, there is any way to get all the SG from de 2017 KS campaign?
- I selected the shipment in 2 waves because I want to receive the game as soon as possible in March. There is somewhere where I could see what I’ll receive in March and what in October 2018?

Thanks so much from Spain
I bought the Rookie one, and I want to change it to the big bundle one, with all expansions included. I tought I could in the pledge manager, but it seems I’m wrong. Hoy could I refunde the money?
And, just another questions. All the cards from the expansions fits into the big black and white boxes?