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You leave the card in one direction, and then you can go anywhere that is connected from there. I would say you can’t cross a card more then once though, and can’t go over the one where you started.
Bruno stated that it should include the statement to draw a 700 card
This will be added to the errata section.
During the Kickstarter it was said, that you could only ever fly one space.
The actual rules, only state to fly in one direction and then to any reachable space.
Even there it’s pretty clear
You look in the rules, see what that symbol means and act accordingly
sgbeal a écrit :
Yes, it's "pretty clear", but it's not 100% unambiguous.
but if you could add them, there would be the need for a rule.
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Did you count the ropes that hang on the other ropes?

I got left:
and right
Not yet
It s‘ actually pretty clear.
If you have mastery 3 and mastery 2 it means you can shuffle up to 3 or 2 cards back if the action is a success and you only draw 3 or 2 cards.
I had a really good hunting item, which I used for some time to get a lot of food.
As I nearly had no place after that I just discarded that hunting item (had one pip only left anyway) and used that space to store the food from the last hunt.
Not all numbers are used
This is answered in the faq
You are also moved on it, or where would you be otherwise?
The rules state that if you explore and get terrain, you don’t go there for free.
But this is a different case, so I would say the fire stays.
There are items which give :icon_succes_7: which is the more common one, but there are also items which give :7: when used for an action.
Yes, but there are also items which gives you 7s
Whenever you draw a card which you aren’t directly instructed too (like you did in that case), you should always look at the back of ther is a thumbs up:card_pick_thumb: and you have the card (or are on it) that has the number in it.
So all your questions should never occur as that’s not how you meant to play it.
Correct look for these: :flag_blue_sm:
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You misused the torch
It‘s not a bonus on each search action, but only for actions which have the exact same blue banner.
They all stay
Thanks for the help
This should probably be changed in the card list
Interesting, did they put them in only for the second wave.
So now there are 3 difference packs.
The errata, 1st upgrade deck and 2nd upgrade pack