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Anyone else receive the game missing a couple cards? I haven't done a full inventory yet but while unpacking it appears I'm missing cards 283 and 280.

The only reason I noticed I'm missing them is that the decks split in the prepackaging at 282/284.
If you have bought the retail/Classic base set, there are no cards 280 or 283.

Please see the list here:
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Thanks for this information, Corbs ! :thumb_up:

Welcome Hall108 :-)
If you have the Collector edition (from KS), you can use the after-sale service form.
Please note: it is quite rare for a card to be missing from the game. Yet, sometimes a card might get stuck to the back of one another. Before contacting us for missing cards, please make sure that the card in question isn’t stuck to a neighbouring one.
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Forums/ The 7th Continent/ Errors on the game5 messages