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Hi, please confirm, when using the effect of this card (card A0980 [418]) - assuming for the first time so you have no knowledge of what it does:

Choose to apply its effect after performing a recovery
Reveal the 451 cards
Shuffle and stack them
The next time you perform an action draw ALL of your cost from this pile, OR, can you draw one from this pile and the remaining (if any) from your Action deck as normal? E.g if the action cost is 2+ you must draw 2 cards from the 451 stack, or can you draw one 451 and one normal action card?
In subsequent actions, if there are cards left, you have to draw from the 451 deck at least one card (if any remain) or AS ABOVE, ALL cards from the 451 deck?
When the final card is drawn, the action fails even if you “passed” the test?

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Thank you @firebird and @devnull!
Sure, it is A0580, one of the 149 cards
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It’s Gambler’s boon, it allows you to re-roll a die, which will be useful during Consequence if I have to roll to keep/lose a weapon. It doesn’t have white or brown box. So can I decide to use it during Consequence if I need it, I.e. after I’ve rolled a die, or would I have to select it during Gear Up. I don’t think it makes much difference? Although I suppose if I don’t have to select it during Gear Up, I don’t have to worry about keywords?
Hi - if I want to potentially use a Purse card that does not have a brown box, do I still need to select it in Gear Up stage?

Gambler’s boon
which has an effect which I might want to use later in the Consequence step, but the rules state I can only select a Purse card that has a brown box matching a white box action - in this case the Purse card does not have a brown box. So can I select it at the end if/when I need to? The rules seem unclear.
So, the shop has been open for a few days now. I ordered a core box (UK) and they still seem to be available.

I suppose the Kickstarter will be more expensive to buy the core box as postage will be added (and VAT?) but we will see.

Postage on SP shop is free over £100 but the core box is £99! So to save £15 postage it is worth buying an add-on so opted for the extra Threat as best value for money 😊
Card 094 allows the Investigate action in a cave. Result is take card 119, optionally adding the blue flag 'torch' symbol.

I have the Torch item in my item stack, with the same blue flag 'torch' symbol showing +9, but the Torch item does not have the brown Investgate symbol.

Question: can I use the Torch item to add the +9 despite not having the same brown symbol, and if I ca use it, do I reduce the dice?

I ask because the rules seem to say that I can only use an item if they have a matching brown symbol - but does the same apply to matching blue flags?
Hi, if I am Blind (card effect 800), can I still use an Item that only has one pip remaining? The wording on the card is slightly unclear. It says that the durability has to be above 0, but that would always be the case as any item with durability of 0 would have already been discarded in a previous action, because you have to apply the additional -1 pip at the Item stage of the action.

Example, I want to eat and I have three food in a stack with 3 pips. I choose to eat, I have to decrease the pips to 1 and can only eat 1 card. So now I have two cards left with 1 pip. Can I choose to eat again, reduce the pips to 0, eat 1 card, the. The whole stack is discarded as 0 pips left?


I know this is an old post, but did you find a suitable terrain not too far from the underground area?
I think not. The game ends at the instant the curse card is drawn, before you have time to apply any game effects.
That’s my opinion only!
Thank you Bruno! The second question was someone else, but that reply helps as well!
Firebird a écrit :

I flag this topic for the author. :-)

Did you get any response Firebird?
If you have bought the retail/Classic base set, there are no cards 280 or 283.

Please see the list here: https://the7thcontinent.seriouspoulp.com/documents/t7c/The7thContinent_CLASSIC_cards_list.pdf
Personally, I think you don’t need to overpay for KS versions. I have gone the Classic route, and I will never get bored with this game! As far as I can tell, there is only one Curse from the KS that would be worth getting and that is Swamps of Madness, but it is always very expensive on the markets. I scratched that itch by watching Rob’s Gaming Table do a playthrough! Don’t worry about what you might be missing - “what you’ve never had, you’ll never miss”!
When you played VG before, and found yourself in the underground area that you now recognise, did you map it out? The starting card for Veins looks very much like the same area, don’t you think?
Ok thanks! So you would say, advance as soon as the terrain card is laid down, even though the instruction to move there is no longer in play. I think that’s a good compromise!

I have moved by barge onto Card 778 (Green)
there is no attached exploration card on this card, but there is a mandatory action on the terrain, so I take it which then gives me two non-mandatory options on card 759:

So I take the action which involves me destroying the idol, which banishes my terrain card and replaces it with 778 (Gold) and I lay out an XII exploration card with its mandatory balance action. As I just completed a non-mandatory action I move the barge to the second part of the card. So now I'm on the second part of the card with the mandatory balance action on the exploration card, so I must take it. I pass and flip it and it is the 'Slumber' card. This is another mandatory action, the success of which instructs me to "Move the barge figure to the next section of the canal".

So here's the problem:

I can't move to the next section of the canal at this moment as I am already on the second section and there is no terrain card to move to yet, until I complete this mandatory action!

So do I a) complete the mandatory action, replace it with terrain, then immediately move to new terrain as the (now discarded) event told me to, or b) ignore the instruction as I couldn't complete it at the time it was in play, so I place the terrain and then I have another action available to me on my current terrain?

Phew! I think I have described that well enough!
Hi - do each of the areas - represented by roman numerals - have a description, either official or unofficial?

For example, I think Area II could be "Forest".

I'm sure I saw a list somewhere, but I can't find anything by searching.

I have the base game (Classic) and expansions from the store, so I have most areas.
Hi - is it valid to take a Walk, Fly, or Snowshoe Action, and use the concept of moving to a “reachable terrain card” to effectively stay exactly where I started?

One reason to do this: I might draw an Action card which I decide to keep during the Skill step that helps me deal with an encounter on my terrain card that I couldn’t previously deal with, so I decide I didn’t want to leave it now I have a new skill card.

Specifically for A Prison of Clouds, there is an encounter card called
, which helps you to fly but in a different direction to the one you want to go (in the direction of the encounter card itself). So I could just use the help icons on that card to Fly back to where I started - obeying the continuous terrain rule - and discard
, thus avoiding its more expensive method of discarding it.

Is there an official ruling on being able to succeed a ‘move’ action and choose to stay where I am, if thematically I am actually walking out and back to where I started?