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Hello all,

I just started playing the 7th continent (just the introductory Crystal Song adventure so far) and there is something that doesn't sit very well with me.

What is the point of returning all past and board cards to their respective decks whenever you save/resume a game and whenever you move to a new location? The adventurers have explored the region and know the terrain, so from a narrative point of view, why do they have to rediscover the same terrain when they wake up/come back?

Wouldn't it make more sense if the terrain, including all unresolved exploration cards, just remained in place and revealed instead of having to be explored again?

Hello and welcome ! :-)

From a roleplay point of view, think that knowing a terrain is different from actually finding the passage.

Knowledge : you should have an up-to-date note with your pencil on your personal notebook (this is advice!).

Exploration : you will have to do it again after a backup or after a symbol :icon_stairs:. But you will soon discover a few surprises: sometimes the terrain exists in several copies :card_green::card_gold: and random events :card_grey: are sometimes desirable (for survival and for quests).

Good game !
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Forums/ The 7th Continent/ Rules and Operating Points2 messages