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Card text:
Fishing icon: You may take 1 additional 200 card or 2 additional 300 cards (the active player chooses), even if the action was a failure. Discard this.

Does this mean:
A. I take extra cards and then choose one from them like usual with the hunting / fishing?
B. I get to choose not one card, but 2 or 3?
C. After I get the reward, I also get the to take additional random reward? Probably not this, but just to make sure.
Your question has been ignored far too long. Sorry !

I think the answer is A.
  • If the result of your action is a succeed, you draw X+1/X+2 additionnal cards before to choose one.
  • If the result is a fail, apply the success section instead and draw (0+1)/(0+2) cards before to choose one..

I ask for a review of the author.
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We're discussing it on the french part of the forum but I agree with Firebird, you just increase the number of cards to choose from but you still get one. If your attempt was a failure, you get one 200 or two 300 to choose from instead of zero, which is far better.
Answer A indeed!
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