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For your information, an update was made in the FAQ for the next delivery of the extension "What Goes Up, Must Come Down." :

Here is the recommended order to play the curses (more details by following the link):
  1. The Crystal’s Song
  2. The Voracious Goddess
  3. An Offering to the Guardians
  4. The icy maze
  5. The dark chest of the damned
  6. The forbidden sanctuary
  7. The bloody hunt
  8. Swamp of madness
  9. A Prison of Clouds
  10. A Beacon in the Night
  11. The Veins of the Earth
  12. Armageddon
resource_fire Firebird resource_fire (ma ludothèque)
T7Continent : icon_succes DV, OG, LG --- icon_curse SI, [CD+SI] --- icon_success-left Histoire, Pénitence, Funéraille --- card_type_temporary_event [SI+TS]
T7Citadel : card_type_temporary_event
Are there any that is recommended to be played for first time, together?

Already beat all the original 8, but that was crucial for Dark Chest for me.
And I coulda sworn new box had 5 not 4? Man I need to through all of the updates again, getting so close!
The fifth one you're thinking of is The Crystal's Song probably?

It is sometimes said that Offering is really best played alongside another curse instead of on it's own.

Personally, I think it's always better to play multiple curses. I'm probably going straight to 11- or 12-curse when expansions get here. (The one I'd leave out would be Crystal's Song, b/c it's time limit isn't very conducive to long runs like that.)
Yeah, I forgot that the Crystal Song is being remade. Thats just a tutorial though, hardly can count it as a standard curse like all 7 others in core box. Cant wait to start new ones this week.
Forums/ The 7th Continent/ Strategies & Tactics6 messages