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I've made two attempts at the Voracious Goddess curse...failed both times, and I'm trying to get a better understanding of how the game should be played. During my second play-thru I accumulated a lot of negative State cards. Sometimes these affected decisions and outcomes but not as much as I thought they would. I'm wondering when people get the negative State cards, do you try and get rid of them (if you are allowed to) as quick as you can, or are they something you just end up accumulating and having to work around and mitigate as best you can?
Totally depends. I get rid of
quickly, because it's easy and I try to get rid of
ASAP, because
it makes hunting so difficult
. On the other hand,
is likely to linger until I find a helpful item because
I don't want to risk getting bloody
and I'll wait for an opportune moment to get rid of
I'll pretty much never spend more than 1 card to do it, but if I can do it for 1 card or less I try to stop them building up.

My policies on individual states are a lot like Ithilalqua's

Paranoid is usually free to drop, you just have to remember it's there.

Tired I usually wait until it drops off for free from a camp or use Obey! on if frankenstein is in the party. I never spend cards on it.

Frightened tends to stick around a while.

Injured pretty much lasts until I get splint and then I treat all the injuries in the party.

Bloody doesn't really give you any agency in whether or not to drop it -- there are almost no locations where you can swim without unloading the map, and unloading the map to go somewhere you don't want to go just to drop a bloody is never worth it. Bloody is the most detrimental state in the game and you should drop it if you can, but you don't really get to make that call.

Terrified is as good as permanent.

Poison relies on a Notes card to drop, I try to get that Notes card as quickly as I can and once I have it I drop poison pretty quickly.

Hungry and Frozen pretty much don't happen to me but I would drop both as soon as convenient.

Nauseous tends to last forever unless i have the Notes card for it, but I don't prioritize that one.

Frankenstein's Monster is permanent, technically that's a state.

One time I got Posessed, which didn't last long, but I don't remember what it actually does so. (BGG promo card.)
Cool, appreciate the knowledge! Thank you!
What you have to bear in mind though is that as unproblematic some of the states may be, having a collection can hurt a lot when you get a new one. Remember that you have to discard one card from the Action deck for each red-hand symbol you have in your hand when getting a new state with the discard symbol. That's the main reason for us to get rid of states when possible without too much cost. The only reason to keep a state longer than necessary is to have something that needs that specific state.
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