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I just want to know where the store is? it would be useful to see a link to the store somewhere on the site.
Where is the online store?? So confused by the last email.
So rumor was there might be some copies of the game that will go up forsake on the website. Wanted to know if there is anymore information about this?

I noticed the prices are dropping on sites slowly but surely, and I guess I will just purchase a second hand copy, but was hoping we might get an update from Serious Poulp about any extras that might go for sale.

Thanks for the info! I am really looking for a solo game to play and I know Mage Knight is the "Best," I was just looking for something different. I guess I have to keep looking.

I will buy the game off of you if you still have the pledge and cannot cancel. Let me know!
Quick question for anybody here.

I really want to play this game, and just found it. Missed the purchase by a couple of days and it is what it is. I have looked around on other sites, and the price for this game is crazy! So to those of you who have played it. some questions before I spend a fortune to get all expansions and game.

1. Replay value?
2. How long to play a 2 player game?
3. Do you plan on keeping your or will you give it to me when you finish? (lol)
4. Is the game really worth more than Gloomhaven? (I understand they are different games but Gloom has like 500h of play can this game do that as well?)

Thanks for any information you give?

Why did they not sell more of these games? Are they planning a new game and are sick of making this one?

Have fun everyone!