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I got the one wave shipment, so I havent played the game. I am reading a lot about the misprints And that everyone gets a new set of good cards (fantastic of sp by the way). But what can I expect When my game arives, a gamebox with the correct cards inside, or do I get an ‘old’ box like everyone els And a extra set of new cards on the side? I am just wondering, are they gona open all the boxes in China to replace the cards, will that go well, or are these boxes compleetly new, or do they have so many old boxes left and just send them to use with a set of new cards?
Hey SP, or who ever knows the ansers...

So its been a few days sins the closing of the plege manager->
- How many extra coppies did they sell?
- Did it sold out?
- Does everyone who did the plege get there coppie of the game, or is there a change that they run out And will refund? (I hope not)